Snack and Soda Vending Machines for sale! All our Snack and Soda Machines come with a 30-Day low price gurantee. The nostalgic automats are long gone but the need for quick snacks and treats remains. These days, we are probably lucky to have modern vending machines dispensing our favorite snacks and drinks to tide us over 'til our next decent meal. They're like satellite convenience stores! We're willing to bet that each one of us has probably been thankful for the presence of a vending machine in our direst need.

Our Snack Vending Machines and Soda Vending Machines come in a variety of configurations. Choose one that will fit your needs and applications.
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Seaga Vending Machines for Sale
Seaga Vending Machines for Sale at Wholesale Price...
Coffee Vending Machines
Coffee Vending Machines
Seaga Snack and Soda Combo Machine
(2 reviews)
Seaga SM23 Combo Machine - Holds 168 snacks and 85...
Naturals2Go Snack and Drink Vending Machine
Naturals2Go Snack and Drink Machine
Seaga Healthy Combo Snack and Drink Vending Machine
Seaga Healthy Combo Snack and Drink Vending M...
Glass Front Slim Snack and Soda Vending Machine
Slim Glass Front  - Snack and Soda Dual Zone ...
Glass Front Snack and Soda Vending Machine
Glass Front  - Snack and Soda Dual Zone Combo...
9 Column Mechanical Snack Vending Machine
(3 reviews)
14 Column Tabletop Snack Vending Machine
Seaga Infinity INF5B Soda Vending Machine
Seaga Infinity Soda Machine - Infinity INF5B ...
Seaga Infinity Snack Vending Machine - INF5S
Seaga Infinty INF5S Snack Machine - Holds 547...
Seaga Infinity Snack and Soda Combo Machine - Infinity INF5C
Seaga Infinity INF5C Combo Machine - Holds 37...
5 Can Select Pop Soda Vending Machine
Seaga Compact Snack Machine - Holds 450 snacks
Seaga Change Machine - CM1250
Seaga CM1250 Change Machine
Snack and Soda Commercial Vending Machine
Snack and Soda Dual Zone Combo Machine - Holds 208...
Snack Vending Machine 40 Selection
Free Shipping! Snack Vending Machine 40 Selection ...
Snack Vending Machine 23 Selection
Free Shipping! Snack Vending Machine 23 Selection ...
Healthy Vending Snack and Soda Machine
Healthy Vending Snack and Soda Machine - Hold...
Frozen Food Vending Machine (28 Selections)
Free Shipping - Frozen Food Vending Machine (28 Se...
Multi-zone Food Vending Machine (28 Selections)
Free Shipping - Multi-zone Food Vending Machi...
Dual Zone Snack and Soda Vending Machine (25 Selections)
Free Shipping - Dual Zone Snack and Soda Vend...
Refrigerated Snack and Soda Vending Machine (45 Selections)
(1 review)
Free Shipping - Refrigerated Snack and Soda&n...
Health-Aid 4 Select Vending Machine
Health-Aid 4 Select Vending Machine - Holds 1...
Health-Aid 6 Select Vending Machine
Health-Aid 6 Select Vending Machine - Holds 2... has a HUGE selection of vending machines from all of the top manufacturers. We've been selling vending machines online since the 90's (That's right, same ownership since the 90's!) and we only work with the best vending machines on the market. Prior to starting and becoming a leading online distributor of vending machines, we had our very own vending route that extended from San Diego to Los Angeles with our machines set to vend nuts for a nickel! Since then, with your help, we've come a long ways and now offer a full line of gumball vending machines, candy vending machines, toy vending machines, snack and soda vending machines, and much more. All of our vending machines are backed up by industry leading warranty and we guarantee every vending machine we sell. With over 40-years in the vending machine industry, is a vending partner you can trust!

Q: Can you vend bulk vending toy capsules out of a gumball vending machine wheel?

A: All of the gumball machines we sell can dispense 1-inch toy capsules (round and acorn) using the gumball wheel. If you plan on vending 1-inch acorn capsules out of your gumball wheel, please let us know when placing your vending machine order and we will configure this at our warehouse prior to shipment. You can also vend 27mm bouncy balls with a gumball wheel. You cannot vend toy capsules out of a candy wheel, so give us a call if you're not sure which wheel to select upon ordering.

Q: Where can I buy bulk vending toys for vending machines?

A: Right here at! We have a huge selection of bulk vending toys in 1 inch toy capsules and 2 inch toy capsules. All of our small bulk vending machines with a 1 inch gumball vending wheel (see above) will vend 1 inch bulk vending toys. Please let use know if you plan on vending 1 inch acorn toy capsules prior to shipping and we'll configure your machine at our ware house.

Q: Do your soda and snack vending machines accept Apple Pay or other mobile payments?

A: YES! All of our soda vending machines and snack vending machines have the option to add a credit card reader that will accept most mobile payment systems.

Q: Can I put a vending machine in my home?

A: Yes, we sell tons of vending machines to happy homeowners who must have very jealous neighbors! The most common way to configure a vending machine for home use is to have us configure it for you as a "free spin" at our warehouse prior to shipment. However, feel free to collect quarters from your kids by leaving your vending machine set to the standard configuration as well!