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  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Assorted Dubble Bubble Logo Gumballs (1-inch /850 ct)


    Case of 850 Assorted Color Vending Machine Gumballs Made to vend in machines with a 1 inch gumball wheel. Popular Dubble Bubble Fruit-Flavored Gumballs in an assortment of 8 different colors.Famous Dubble Bubble logo is printed on every one. Dubble...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Assorted Dubble Bubble Logo Gumballs (.5-inch ) 8500 Count


    Case of 8500 Count Assorted Color Vending Machine Gumballs (.5 inch) Made to vend in machines with a candy wheel. Popular Dubble Bubble Fruit-Flavored Gumballs in an assortment of 8 different colors.Famous Dubble Bubble logo is printed on every one...

Gumballs for sale! Dubble Bubble Gumballs in bulk and Bubble King Oak Leaf bulk gumballs for sale at wholesale prices. Buy gumballs by the pound, decorator gumballs, at wholesale prices. is your online source for bulk vending gumballs, bubblegum and vending refill supplies. Our large inventory of gumballs, bubble gum, and chewing gum selections include Classic Assorted Color GumballsGourmet flavored GumballsDecorator GumballsChicletsSugar-Free Gum balls, and many more specialty gum

Our gum balls come in assorted sizes from 1/2 inch (13mm) up to a mouthful of 2 inches (51mm) in diameter. We feature quality bubble gum from Bubble King Oak Leaf GumballsCarousel Gumballs and Dubble Bubble Gumballs delivered to your location with optimum speed and freshness. 

Also, see our full line of Candy and Gumball Vending Machines for vending these delicious treats. Check Out the Gumballs on Sale!

FREE Shipping on all Bulk Candy and Gumballs orders of 500 pounds or more. See details here.

Welcome to our amazing gumball world! At we stock 100’s of different flavors of gumballs in all shapes and sizes at wholesale prices. We have gumballs galore -- including small gumballs, standard 1-inch gumballs, GIANT gumballs, gumball in any color and even gumballs by the pound! All our gumballs are super fresh and come with a satisfaction guarantee and a low price guarantee!

At, we have a full line of decorator gumballs at wholesale prices that come in just about any color to match your next wedding, party, or event. Our decorator gumballs generally have a nice glossy finish and are solid color without any printing on the gumball. We also offer a full line of shimmer gumballs that are specifically made for decorating or your next candy buffet!

Where can I buy gumballs in different sizes?

We sell hundreds gumballs in all different sizes! The most popular sizes are your standard 1-inch gumball and 1/2" gumballs, but we have a number of specialty sizes as well. You'll typically use 1-inch gumballs in commercial vending machines with a 1-inch gumball wheel. Our 1/2" or .62" gumballs are common for home use gumball banks, dispensers, or toys that accept any coin or don't require a coin to dispense gumballs. Not sure what size of gumballs you need? Be sure to see our chart here.

Do you only sell gumballs in bulk?

No, most of our gumballs can be purchased by-the-pound so you can try them all!

What is the best flavor of gumballs?

Now that is up for a very strong debate in our office along with “do penguins have knees?” and do “Folgers workers take coffee breaks?” and the answer yes, we take gumball breaks and try every flavor. Some of our favorites are, Nerds Gumballs,  Strawberry Banana Gumballs (delicious), Blueberry Smoothie Gumballs (awesome), Grape Gumballs (Super soft chew), Hot Chew Gumballs -- Think Fireball (winner!!) sugar-free gumballs, ice cream sundae gumballs, kicked up lemonade gumballs, half and half gumballs, cotton candy gumballs, wicked watermelon gumballs and the list goes on!

What are the most popular gumballs?

For bulk vending a machines, the most popular gumballs are Nerds Gumballs and the standard Assorted 8 Color Gumballs by Dubble Bubble. For home use, our American Gumball Company gumballs are a crowd favorite.

Are gumballs profitable?

Yes, gumballs are one of the most profitable items you can offer in a bulk vending machine and one of the few items that you can still offer at a quarter. With the average price of a gumball between 4-6 cents each when you buy in bulk, you can make between 300%-500% profit margin on each gumball. We recommend you sell standard assorted gumballs at 25 cents and gourmet gumballs like Nerds for 50 cents.

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