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Vending Business for Kids

Starting a Vending Business for Kids Rebate Program

Looking to start a vending business for kids? offers deep discounts for young entrepreneurs looking to start a vending business. For any young entrepreneur or parent helping their child learn the basics of a business, we have developed a special program just for you! At, we feel very strongly about the importance of learning the the fundamentals of running your own business. Starting a vending business is extremely easy to get started with as little as one machine and a very limited budget!

Here's how you get started:

1) Get your parents' permission and figure out what your budget and plan is. What is your budget? What are your goals?
1) Browse all our Rhino candy machines and decide exactly what you want to vend (candy, gumballs, toys, etc)
2) Contact us (or have your parents) and let us know you're trying to get started in the vending business.
4) Secure your first location. We recommend that you secure your first location prior to buying one of our candy machines. Start with the places that you or your parents frequent. Explain to your local business owners what you're trying to accomplish and you'll find many will be happy to help you accomplish those goals. Our candy machines typically ship same day so you'll receive your machine very soon after securing your first location.
5) Share with us what inspired you to want to start your very own vending business! You can write a short paragraph about what inspired you and what your trying to accomplish. Also, we would love to see a picture of your first candy machine once it's placed!
6) We'll send you a special rebate for any candy machine or product you purchase from us!

Places we recommend you start with:

Rec Centers
Parents work or business if your parents run their own business
Restaurants you and your parents frequent
Day Care (you or a sibling attends)
Local Markets
Veterinarian Clinics and Doggy Day Care Centers (our candy machines will even vend animal treats)