Find the LOWEST Prices on GIANT Gumball Machines. The Jumbo stands almost 7 Feet Tall, our Big Mama Giant Gumball Machines can be Customized with your Custom  Colors, Logos, or Decals. Low Price Guarantee. Shop Now! Giant bulk vending machines make a huge statement whatever the location. Ideal showpiece for high foot traffic places. Dispense gumballs, toys, bouncy balls or jawbreaker candy.
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Little Mama  Gumball Vending Machine Holds 5100+ 1-inch Gumballs
(1 review)
Little Mama Jr. Giant Gumball Machine Holds 5100+ ...
Big Mama Giant Gumball Machine
(3 reviews)
Big Mama Jumbo Giant Gumball Machine Holds 40,000+...
Mega Whirler Capsule Vending Machine
Mega Capsule Whirler especially made to vend 2" ac...
5' 6" Giant Wizard Spiral Gumball Machine
Spiral gumball machine holds 6800 1" (25 mm) Gumba...
6' 9" Mega Wizard Spiral Gumball Machine
Spiral gumball machine holds 20,550 1" (25 mm) Gum...
Giant Gas Pump Gumball Machine - 7' 6"
Gas Pump Gumball Machine - 7' 6" has a “HUGE” selection of GIANT GUMBALL MACHINES! Some of our giant gumball vending machines stand a towering 79 inches! That’s over 6-1/2 feet and it takes a lot of gumballs to fill one of our giant gumball machines. Don’t worry, we have plenty of gumballs to fill one of these machines many times over. If you’ve seen one of these monster gumball machines in the wild, there’s a good chance it came from us!

Q: How many gumballs does your biggest gumball machine hold?
A:  Our GIANT Big Mama vending machine can hold 21,250 gumballs! That’s 25 cases of 850 ct. gumballs! Most of our customers go with the inner globe option on our giant vending machine which cuts down the number of gumballs needed by about 25%.
Q: Can I customize a giant gumball machine with my logo and colors.
A: Yes. We do custom logos and colors all the time. There are a few examples on the product page for the Big Mama Giant Gumball Machine.
Q: Will your giant gumball machines fit through my door?
A: That’s a fantastic question. Our largest giant gumball machine has a base that measures 42 inches, so make sure you measure before you buy. If for some reason our giant gumball machines won’t fit, you can always get one of our little giant gumball machines.
Q: What is the largest gumball machine ever made?
A: We'd like to think ours is! It sure feels that way when you stand next to it. We checked with the Guinness Book of World Records for "largest gumball machine ever made" and could only find a toy capsule vending machine standing almost 30 feet tall! Maybe we should enter our giant gumball machine? If anyone can find a better answer, please let us know and we'll send you a free gift!