Packaged candy for sale at wholesale prices. has the largest selection of packaged candy by well-known brand names like Hershey's, Mars and Nestle. Assorted types of candy, chewing gum, chocolates, wrapped candy, candy bars, novelty candy, adult candy, sugar-free candy, licorice, lollipops and suckers, bagged candy, gummy candy, mint candy, bubble gum and more.
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World's Largest Gummy Bear for Sale!
Giant gummy bear for sale! See our gaint treats......
BeanBoozled Jelly Beans
Get bamboozled by Jelly Belly's nasty flavors masq...
Harry Potter Candy Bertie Bott's Jelly Beans
Relive the magic with sweets and treats from the H...
Hard Candy
Candy as we've always known them, only they come i...
Gumball Tubs - For Personal Consumption, Office, Schools, etc.
Sample our gumballs!
You don't have to buy in...
Gum And Bubblegum
Blow the biggest bubble or chew for hours...gum fo...
Mint Candy
Refreshing candies
to perk you up
ALL Packaged Candy
Open and Enjoy
Nips Sugar Free Candy
Nips Sugar Free Candy - 3.25 oz. bags
Parade Candy
Candy perfect for tossing in parades
Candy Jars
Wrapped candies in Jars or Tubs