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American Gumball Company

  • American Gumball Company

    Mini Pink Medium Bubble Gumball Bank


    Mini Pink Medium Bubble Gumball Bank (11 inch)  Our 11"(27.9 cm) Gumball Bank combines the charm of a miniature machine with the safety aspect of a clear globe that is not glass. The internal dispensing mechanism allows it to dispense small...

  • Vending Supplies

    Classic Red Medium Gumball Machine


    Classic Red Junior Gumball Machine (11 inch) Includes your choice of American Gumball or Carousel Brand Machine. FREE SHIPPING *valid for continental US, HI and AK orders only (Free Shipping cannot be combined with any other coupon code/offer)Our 11...

  • Vending Supplies

    American Gumball Company Assorted Refill Gumballs (2 LBS)


    American Gumball Company Assorted Refill Gumballs (2 LBS) 2 pound resealable bag of delicious gumballs by American Gumball Company. Each bag has 2 pounds of gumballs in assorted colors, each about .62" diameter and approximately 226 pieces of flavorful...

Find factory direct pricing on American Gumball Company gumball machines and gumballs. Featuring the complete line of authentic gumball machines with the classic antique gumball machine and refill gumballs that are made in America. 

What size are American Gumball Company Gumballs?

The original American Gumball Company refills are .62" in diameter and considered part of the 1/2" family of gumballs. These gumballs are refill gumballs for home use gumball banks, toys, and dispensers that have a small gumball wheel and are considerably smaller than a large 1-inch gumball that you may see in a commercial gumball machine.

Are your gumballs made in America?

Yes, the Original .62" American Gumball Company gumballs are proudly made in the USA.

Are your gumballs made in a peanut-free facility?

Our original gumballs are manufactured in a peanut free-faculty. However, our retail gumballs are packaged in a facility that may also process nuts.

How big is an American Gumball Company Gumball Machine?

The classic gumball machines are 11.5 inches and available in both classic red and pink and hold about 2 pounds of .62" gumballs. The classics gumball machines are meant for home use and designed to sit on top of a desk, shelf, dresser, or tabletop and they accept any coin. American Gumball Company also has a commercial line of vending machines that attach to a heavy-duty stand and can be converted to a free vend (no coin required), tokens for a rewards program, or standard configuration that requires a quarter.

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