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Spiral Gumball Machine

  • 5' Spiral Gumball Machine - SPECIAL OFFER


    5' Spiral Gumball MachineHolds 3000 1-inch Gumballs (850 count) Set for 25 cent vend High quality all metal drop through coin mechanism w/lifetime warrantee Shatter-proof polycarbonate globe Scratch resistant ABS body Uniquely designed with a false...

  • 5' Spiral Spin N Drop Gumball Machine


    5' Spiral Spin N Drop Gumball Machine Holds 3400 1 inch Gumballs (850 count), Jawbreakers, Sweet Revenge Candy, Round Capsules or Super Bouncy Balls. Set for 25 cent vend High-impact ABS body 18" Shatter-resistant globe Comes with security barrel...

  • Rhino

    Candy Cup Vending Machine


    Candy Cup Vending MachineVends candy in a sanitary to-go CUP!The Candy Cup Vending Machine is the bulk vending machine that vends candy in a to-go cup. Dispense candy in a clean and sanitary way and increase the portions with our extra deep candy wheel...

  • Rhino

    Mini Spiral Gumball Machine


    Mini Spiral Gumball MachineA traditional style for bulk vending The Mini Spiral Gumball Vending Machine will dispense one-inch gumballs just like our classic 5-foot gumball machine! Place the most affordable spiral machine at your next location and...

  • Giant Electronic Gumball Machine


    Giant Electronic Gumball Machine with Credit Card ReaderThe Giant Electronic Gumball Machines stands over 79 inches tall and is the sister machine or the original Big Mama Gumball Machine! Featuring a capacity of 40,000 1 inch (25 mm) Gumballs (more than...

  • Tough Pro Spiral Gumball Machine (5 feet tall)


    Textured Spiral Gumball Machine Holds 3,000 1" Gumballs (850 ct.), Jawbreakers, 1" Round Capsules or Bouncy Balls This 5-foot tall spiral vending machine has a textured finish that hides flaws and keeps the machine looking good through the years. The...

  • Lil' Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine


    Lil' Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine Holds 450 1 inch Gumballs (850 count), Jawbreakers, Sweet Revenge Candy, Round Capsules, or Super Bouncy Balls   Standing at a little over 2 feet tall, this machine is just the right size to sit ontop of a...

  • 5' Deluxe Whirler Gumball Machine


    5' Deluxe Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine Holds 3000 1" Gumballs (850 count), Jawbreakers, Round Capsules or Super Bouncy Balls Our most popular 5-foot (last photo shows size comparison with the 4-ft version) model machine has a track that allows...

Find the LOWEST prices on a Spiral Gumball Machine at We have the largest selection of Big Gumball Machines. Remember the days of the Giant Blue Gumball Machine in Blockbuster Video? The video store may be gone but the Roadrunner lives on!  See our huge selection below and ask about our customization options such as custom logos, colors, graphics, and customized tokens for our Spiral Machines. is the leader in Spiral Gumball Vending Machines! We have spiral gumball machines as small as our 27 inch tall Lil' Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine and as big as our 81 inch Mega Wizard Spiral Gumball Machines (That’s almost 7 feet tall!) and made right here in America! That’s right, most of our spiral gumball machines are proudly made right in here in the USA and come with Beaver coin mechanisms. These eye-catching spiral gumball machines allow you to watch the gumball spin around and around the spiral and drop right into the chute.

Q: Is the Mega Wizard Spiral Gumball Machine the largest gumball machine you sell?

A: It is the tallest (by 2 inches) but the Giant Big Mama Gumball Machine has a larger globe. Both of these machines are enormous and stand proud at any location!

Q: Can I customize my spiral gumball machines?

A: YES! We can add your custom decals or color to most of our Spiral Gumball Machines. We can customize 1 machine or 500 machines, so just give us a call at 800-853-3941 to find out more about customizing your gumball machine!

Q: Do the spiral gumball machines require electricity.

A: No. However, most of these gumball machines do have options for lights. If you select one of our awesome LED lighting options, you will need to place it near an outlet.

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