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Candy Jars

  • Sunrise

    Deluxe Candy Mix Bulk Candy (30 lbs)


    THIS ITEM DOES NOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA Deluxe Candy Mix Bulk Candy (30 lbs)30 pounds of a deluxe candy mix A mix of hard candies including peppermint starlights, cinnamon disks, butterscotch disks and fill strawberries. Offer them in a candy...

  • Vending Supplies

    Milk Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears (10 lbs)


    Milk Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears (10 lbs)10 pounds of Chocolate Covered Gummy BearsYour favorite candy just got sweeter! Six classic flavors are packed into this bear mix. Strawberry, apple, orange, pineapple, lemon and cherry gummies are covered in...

  • Oak Leaf Gumballs and Candy

    Dark Chocolate Dipped Malt Balls (10 lbs)


    Dark Chocolate Dipped Malt Balls Bulk Candy (10lb)10 lb Case of Dark Chocolate Malt BallsThese malt balls are savory and sweet enough for your sweet tooth throughout the day. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party, or keep them for yourself!...

  • Vending Supplies

    Gummy Bear Cubs Bulk Candy (20 lbs)


    Gummy Bear Cubs Bulk Candy 20 lbs4/5lb BagsPerfect gummy treat for the ultimate gummy candy lover. Enjoy an assortment of 12 different flavors including blue raspberry, grape, mango, pineapple, apple, strawberry, red raspberry, cherry, watermelon,...

Individually wrapped candies packaged in jars and tubs for your convenience. Easy to stock, always ready to open, and very handy in making kids and adults smile! Stock these in your cupboards.

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