We have grouped these candies by color so you can build the perfect theme for whatever your celebration may be. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that they would make your dessert or candy buffets and loot bags or party favors sweeter and brighter.
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Decorator Sixlets
Decorator Sixlets for Sale!
Multi-Colored Candy
Bulk candies in assorted colors, ready for your en...
Red Candy
Candy in the brightest and happiest red color
Orange Candy
Celebrate Fall and Halloween with orange treats
Yellow Candy
Candies in yellow are just like warming rays of su...
Green Candy
Fresh, calming, Christmas-y, lucky green sweeties
Blue Candy
Bring out the coolness and banish the blues
Purple Candy
Elegant candies in shades of purple
Black Candy
Black candies are great in an elegant or gothic se...
Silver Candy
Simply elegant and dazzling silver confections
White Candy
Immaculate, flecked, shiny, pearly, or bright
Pink Candy
Delicate or Bright, Soft or Hot...pink candies in ...
Shimmer Candy
Consider these as champagne bubbles in candy form
Pastel colored candy and gumballs
Soft and milky colors for dainty themes