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Triple Shop XL Gumball and Candy Machine

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Triple Shop XL Gumball and Candy Machine


Please Call to Check Availability

Triple Shop XL Gumball and Candy Machine


Triple Shop XL Gumball and Candy Bulk Vending Machine
Largest Capacity for an All-in-One Triple Vending Machine!

The Triple Shop XL is our newest all-in-one vendor with an XL cabinet for a larger capacity. The larger cabinet features our exclusive quick change mechanisms that allows you to easily change your mechanisms from 25 to 50 cent or vice-versa. With the addition of a 50 cent mechanism, allowing you to make a profit on toys, the Triple Shop XL is a true all-in-one machine. The Triple Shop XL is the only all metal machine that makes a mechanism swap simple and easy. Including all the features of the the original bestselling Triple Shop, the new XL triple includes high security locks, optional 2 slot 50 cent mechanisms, a single coin tray, removable front panels for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning, and includes the heavy duty Rhino Monster Stand. The 3 compartments allow you to vend candy, gumballs, nuts, toys, bouncy balls and more. Top-quality metal coin mechanisms, durable all-metal body and a limited warranty sets it apart from similar looking triple style vendors. Upgrade to a 50 cent mechanism (two separate quarter slots)

Our Triple Shop XL is only available in red with a black stand and comes with a set configuration to vend candy from both outside compartments and 1-inch gumballs from the center compartment. You also have the option to purchase additional candy/gumball wheels.


  • All Metal coin mechanism
  • All Metal construction
  • Exclusive quick change mechanisms
  • 2 high security locks
  • 3 Removable Plexi-glass/Lexan Panels
  • Adjustable vending wheels
  • Includes cashbox tray
  • Accepts USA Quarter or Canadian Quarter, or 50 cents (upgrade option)
  • Available in Red or Black.
  • Limited warranty against manufacturer defects under normal working conditions and ordinary wear and tear

Machine Specifications (each):

  • Coin capacity approximately $300.00
  • Vends as pictured, each compartment holds
    • approx. 330 gumballs, bouncy balls or 1-inch toy capsules.
    • approx. 12 lbs (5.44 kg) of candy per each of 2 compartments for a total of approx. 24 lbs(10.8kg)
  • All refill supplies sold seperately.
  • Height: 18" (45.7 cm)
  • Width: 17" (43.2 cm)
  • Depth: 8" (20.3 cm)
  • Weight: 34lbs (15.4 kg)

Stand Specifications:

  • Height: 28" (71.1 cm)
  • Base: 15" (38.1 cm)
  • Weight: 20 lbs. (7.46 kg)
  • Available in Black

Overall Specifications:

  • Overall Height: 43" (109.2 cm)
  • Width: 17" (43.2 cm)
  • Depth: 15" (38.1 cm)
  • Empty Weight: 54 lbs. (24.5 kg) each
  • Shipping Weight: 62 lbs. (28.1 kg)
  • Machine footprint (cross sectional area) is 255 square in (1.7 square ft; 1646 square cm; 0.16 square meter) = 17" (43.2 cm) W x 15" (38.1 cm)D
Our Adjustable Candy Wheels can vend the following: Small loose candy (like skitles, runts, M&M's, Mike and Ikes, etc), Nuts, Animal Feed, small 1/2 inch gumballs. Do not vend 1-inch gumballs with a candy wheel.

Our Adjustable Gumball Wheels can vend the following: 1-inch gumballs (or as small as 1430 ct gumballs with wheel adjustment, 1-inch bouncy balls, 1-inch round toy capsules, and 1-inch acorn capsules (we remove the riser plate).

Vends as pictured, with 2 candy compartments holding approx. 12 lbs each and 1 gumball compartment holding approx. 330 1" Gumballs, Bouncy Balls or Toy Capsules.

Additional candy or gumball wheels available installed or a discounted price if you want to install the extra wheel yourself. 

Candy and gumballs sold separately

Additional Details

  • Bare minimum

    Posted by Sydney on Nov 18, 2021

    This is my second machine, I would recommend the Rhino 3 head. I wouldn’t recommend paying extra to get anything because it won’t come correctly, I paid extra to get a FACTORY INSTALLED candy wheel added only for them to send it without the extras I paid for. The key and lock are a bit hard to operate as well. I wouldn’t recommend this machine for beginners or anyone but especially beginners.

  • Good Candy Vender

    Posted by James Little on Aug 03, 2021

    It's a pretty good machine, I had no issue getting it or putting it together. I'd say I spent a hour and that was including putting labels on and adding candy to it. It's already up and active and making me money.

  • Quality machine

    Posted by Jacob Stoll on May 31, 2021

    Triple compartments. Sturdy metal. Stand that bolts on. What more can I ask for

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