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Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

  • Jelly Belly

    Licorice Pastels Bulk Candy 30 Lbs


    Licorice Pastels Bulk Candy (30 lbs)30 pounds of licorice pastelsFlavored like black licorice, this is the perfect snack for the licorice lover. The crisp and chewy pastels are addicting, you will want to come back for more. Offer them in a candy buffet,...

  • Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly Tiny Bean Machines (24 ct) 3 oz ea


    Jelly Belly Tiny Bean Machines (24 ct) Delight in the whimsy of Jelly Belly Tiny Bean Machines, each with a 3 oz serving of the delectable Jelly Belly Kids Mix. Perfectly packaged for display, they're ready to enchant candy lovers and collectors alike...

The Jelly Belly brand emerged from the Goelitz family, a reputable name in the confectionery industry. While jelly beans have been around since the 1860s, Jelly Belly has turned out gourmet jelly beans in 1976 and has since perfected them to an art. Fruit purees and juice concentrates added to natural ingredients go into every gourmet jelly bean. You can even mix and match them for a different flavor experience with each combination.

Jelly Belly makes other special flavors apart from the official 50 that they currently market. Also of note is the Harry Potter candy Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans series and the BeanBoozled Jelly Beans series that contain unorthodox flavors for fun and gag games.

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