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600-700 Count Large Gumballs (1.1" - 1.2")

  • Oak Leaf Gumballs and Candy

    Nerds Candy Center Gumballs


    Nerds Candy Center Gumballs Made with REAL Wonka Nerds! These multi-colored gumballs come in 5 different colors and flavors and are jam packed with Wonka Nerds candy inside. All of these gum balls come printed in white with the Nerds logo and read,...

These gumballs are just a tad bigger than the 1 inch gumballs, but they fit in most commercial vending machines that dispense the popular size. The size difference makes a single gumball in your hand look just a little more tastier and sweeter, though, so you have got to try them for yourself. Special flavors and color assortments come in this case count, as well so have a look around.

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