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What are the Most Popular Candy Machines

What is the Most Popular Candy Machine?

There are a number of different types of candy machines that we sell here at and here are some tips to help you find the perfect machine for you business, school, vending route, or even home. We sell only top quality machines and if we wouldn't place it in our own route, it's not part of our product line. 

The first thing you need to do is figure out whether you need a commercial candy machine or a home use bank or dispenser. What is the difference between  home use and commercial machine? All of our home use machines are either dispensers or banks. The candy dispensers will simply dispense candy without any coin needed, just turn the knob down comes a special treat. These are typically made of plastic so they are great for children and are not made for commercial use. Many of the candy banks we offer are one step up from the dispensers in quality. Most of our banks, such as our Carousel Banks, have an all metal body and a real glass globe. Our candy banks do require a coin, but that can be any coin.

Best selling commercial candy machines:

Keep in mind, that many of our customers do purchase commercial machines for their home and have us set them for "free spin" prior to shipping. The term "free spin" refers to the term used when we modify the coin mechanism so it does not require a coin to vend. This allows you to have a commercial quality machine that functions as a dispenser. Another option is having us convert it to a token mechanism and using the tokens as a rewards system. If you're interested in any of these modifications, just simply see the product options on the product pages. We sell tokens in bags as small as 100 count.

Best selling home use candy machines: