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Pantry Bulk Savings

  • Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Bulk Candy (9 lbs)


    Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Bulk Candy (9 lbs)9 pounds of Chocolate Covered Gummy BearsClassic gummy bears are a great treat to add to any part of your day. Dipped in chocolate these gummy bears are a hit and perfect for a chocolate craving. Classic...

  • Peach Gummy Rings Bulk Candy (18 lbs)


    Peach Gummy Rings Bulk Candy18 lb Case of Peach Gummy RingsOur Peach Gummy Rings are the perfect gummy treat. Each gummy ring is bursting with sweet peach flavor and coated in a layer of fine sugar. Serve them up at your next summer...

  • Mega Munch Bulk Snack Mix (10 lbs)


    Mega Munch Bulk Snack Mix (10 lbs)Our Mega Munch Snack Mix in bulk is the perfect snack for a party! Featuring chocolate candies, chocolate covered peanuts, chewy raisins, smoked almonds, and crunchy sesame oat bran sticks...

  • Goji Berry Healthy Bulk Snack Mix (10 lbs)


    Goji Berry Healthy Bulk Snack Mix (10 lbs)Our Goji Berry Healthy Snack Mix in bulk is a nutrition packed snack. Featuring a unique blend of dried Goji berries, apricots, cranberries, raisins, almonds, and pecans. Each piece is full of...

  • Classic Bulk Trail Mix (20 lbs)


    Classic Bulk Trail Mix (20 lbs)Our Classic Trail Mix in bulk is a nutrition packed snack that is both salty and sweet. Hit the trail and keep yourself energized with chocolate candy coated pieces, peanuts, and raisins. This mix comes packaged...

  • Cabin Crunch Bulk Trail Mix (20 lbs)


    Cabin Crunch Bulk Trail Mix (20 lbs)Our Cabin Crunch Trail Mix in bulk is the perfect snack. Take some camping, hiking, or to any sporting event for a protien packed treat. This mix includes milk chocolate and peanut butter candies, honey roasted...

  • Honey Cinnamon Coated Bulk Almonds (20 lbs)


    Honey Cinnamon Coated Bulk Almonds20 lb Case of Honey Cinnamon AlmondsOur Honey Cinnamon Coated Almonds will definitely curb that sweet craving. These almonds are covered in a honey and cinnamon coating. Serve them at any...

  • Honey Roasted Bulk Peanuts


    Honey Roasted Bulk Peanuts Our Honey Roasted Bulk Peanuts are a great snack for any occasion! Serve them at any large gathering or keep them to yourself. The sweet and crunchy honey coating and sprinkling of salt will keep everyone coming...

  • Butter Toasted Bulk Peanuts (25 lbs)


    Butter Toasted Bulk Peanuts (25 lbs)Our Butter Toasted Bulk Peanuts are a great snack for any occasion! Serve them at any large gathering or keep them to yourself. The sweet buttery tast of these nuts will keep everyone coming wanting more...

  • Hot Nacho Seasoned Bulk Peanuts (20 lbs)


    Hot Nacho Seasoned Bulk Peanuts (20 lbs)Our Hot Nacho Seasoned Peanuts in bulk are the perfect snack! These bulk nuts are seasoned with a spicy nacho cheese seasoning that is sure to leave you craving for more. These bulk nuts come packaged in a bag...

Stock up and enjoy our pantry savings when you buy in bulk! All of your favorite snacks, candy, nuts, and trail mixes in bulk and buy more and save more! has a HUGE selection of wholesale Bulk Nuts from all of the top manufacturers. All of our Bulk Nuts are super fresh and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We have special flavored peanuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, mixed nuts, prepackaged nuts, and many different snack trail mixes.

How many peanuts are in a pound? There are approximately 3 cups in 1 pound of unshelled peanuts. How many calories are in a handful of nuts? You would think that might depend on the flavor of peanuts, but that's not always the case. As an example, our standard salted peanuts have 170 calories per serving (serving size 1/4 cup or 28g) and our Butter Toasted Peanuts have 150 calories per serving size (30g). So enjoy some of our super fresh bulk peanuts as a healthy addition to our delicious gumball!

How many peanuts should I vend at one time? Peanuts are a healthy alternative to many of our candy and gumball options. However, keep in mind that your cost per vend of peanuts is most likely more than candy or gumballs. Many of our operators have gone to a 50 cent vend for peanuts. Most of our operators are setting their adjustable wheels to vend about 6-8 peanuts per vend. All of our Rhino Vending Machines come with adjustable vending wheels.

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