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All Star Bracelets Vending Capsules (2 inch) 250 ct

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All Star Bracelets Vending Capsules (2 inch) 250 ct


All Star Bracelets Vending Capsules (2 inch) 250 ct


All Star Bracelets Filled Acorn Vending Capsules - 250 ct

Flatter the vain and even the humble Cinderella types with these lovely star-themed bracelets. This is not a mix of bracelets with stars and bracelets without stars; every bracelet is made of stars. The stars may be only one color on a particular bracelet, or there may be a patterned mix of colors. The exact composition of the mix or of the stars on an individual bracelet is not guaranteed. Gleaming adornments attract lovers of beauty to investigate further, imagine and want to buy!

Product Features:

  • Beautiful jewelry accessories: Mix includes bracelets; every single one of them created around 5-pointed stars
  • Glamour: Encourage interaction by starting a fashion show featuring your bracelets - one or more!
  • Compatible Vending: These capsules are designed to dispense in machines equipped with a 2" vending wheel, ensuring smooth vending.
  • Free Display Card: Increase sales and capture attention with the free vending display card. Simply place it inside the toy capsule vending machine to add value and enhance visual appeal.

If you're looking to develop new community interactions, the All Star Bracelets in capsules are the perfect addition to your vending machine collection. The idea of stars for jewelry and the intrinsic variety of the mix will have users coming back again and again to buy and accessorize more. Order now and dress up the world around your toy machine!

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