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Hanging Pandas Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct

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Hanging Pandas Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct


Hanging Pandas Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct


1.1" Pre-Filled Hanging Pandas Acorn Vending Capsules - Pack of 250

Ready for machines equipped with a 1" acorn vending wheel, our Hanging Pandas Vending Capsules bring the charm of nature's beloved black and white creatures to your vending machine. Each panda figurine boasts realistic features, making them an attractive collectible, party favor, or classroom prize.

Key Highlights:

  • Authentic Panda Figurines: Housed within 1.1" acorn-shaped capsules, each panda toy captivates with its lifelike black and white design. Ready to start a collection, or add to one!

  • Ready-to-Vend Capsules: Every bag comes packed with 250 pre-filled toy capsules. The clear bottoms and assorted colored tops of the capsules are designed for quick and easy loading into your bulk vending machine.

  • Dispensing Compatibility: These toy capsules are prepared for a flawless vending experience, dispensing efficiently in machines with a 1 inch capsule or gumball vending wheel.

  • Complimentary Printed Display Card: Enhance your vending machine presentation with the included free printed display card.

Please remember, this toy assortment is designed for bulk vending machines and is not recommended for children under 3 years due to potential choking hazard. Elevate your vending offerings with our realistic Hanging Pandas Acorn Vending Capsules today!

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