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Cartoon Foam Balls Self Vend 2.5" Toys (300 ct)

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Cartoon Foam Balls Self Vend 2.5" Toys (300 ct)


Cartoon Foam Balls Self Vend 2.5" Toys (300 ct)

*not for use w/Standard 2 inch capsule wheels

Intended for use with machines with 3 inch wheel, like our Electronic Sticker machine or Mini claw machine 

We proudly present our 2.5" Self Vend Cartoon Foam Balls! These balls bounce but certainly not like a super ball.  They are hilarious with various cartoonish expressions such as what you might see in a cartoon bubble: PooF, OMG, Zap!, Ooops!, Goal!, Splat!, Crash!, Bang!, Boom!, and best of all, Love! along with enough others for a total of 12 unique and colorful designs. Each superized soft foam ball pops not only with a lively expression but also with a lively interjection! Customers can finally play physical games with these balls; no one will be hurt if this foam ball hits you at normal throwing speed. A must-have for collectors and fans of all ages!

Key Features:

  • Jumbo-Sized Joy: These expressive ccartoon balls are bigger for more energy and color, enhancing the tactile play experience.
  • Diverse Collection: With a wide range of expression in vibrant colors, each Jumbo self-vend toy contains a delightful and familiar expression waiting to be collected.
  • Vending Machine Compatible: These self vend toys are perfectly sized for mini cranes or any machine that vends a 3 inch capsule.
  • Limited Availability: Don’t miss your chance to own these lively orbs. Available now until they sell out!

Seize the opportunity to add these irresistible and jumbo-sized expressions to your collection or vending machine offerings today!

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