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Red Candy

  • Vending Supplies

    Strawberry Bon Bons Bulk Candy (31 lbs)


    Strawberry Bon Bons Bulk Candy (31 lbs)31 pounds of strawberry bon bonsStrawberry hard candies that have a strawberry filling. This classic treat is an old favorite. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party, or keep them for yourself! You can...

  • Vending Supplies

    Cherry Sours Bulk Candy (31 lbs)


    Cherry Sours Bulk Candy (31 lbs)31 pounds of cherry soursA soft and jelly cherry treat that will have your mouth puckering and wanting more. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party, or keep them for yourself! You can find other candy in bulk...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Dubble Bubble Black Cherry Gumballs (1-inch) 850 ct


    Black Cherry Gumballs by Dubble Bubble (1 inch) 850 ctTwo-toned, Black Cherry flavored Bubble Gum These sophisticated bubble gum balls from Dubble Bubble not only look good but taste good, too. We dare you to decorate your candy buffets and centerpieces...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Very Cherry Filled Gumballs (1-inch) 850 ct


    Very Cherry Vending Gumballs (Filled) 1 inch (850 ct)Candy filled bubble gum for intense flavor These delicious gum balls are made by Dubble Bubble, one of the best known name brands in the world. They also come with the Dubble Bubble logo printed in...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Strawberry Banana Gumballs (1-inch) 850 ct


     Dubble Bubble Strawberry Banana Gumballs (1 inch) 850 ctA tried and true smoothie flavored favorite Dubble Bubble logo.This yummy bubble gum will remind you of hot summer days with cold creamy treats and are made for 1 inch gum ball vending...

  • Vending Supplies

    Boston Baked Beans Bulk Candy (25 lbs)


    Boston Baked Beans Bulk Candy (25 lbs)5 bags @ 5 lbs each of boston baked beans Boston Beans are sugar coated peanuts and make a great vending snack. This candy is a very popular pick in areas that have adult foot traffic. They are round, oval shaped,...

  • Just Born

    Hot Tamales Bulk Candy Bulk


    Hot Tamales Vending Candy Some like it hot so get fired up! Fire up your taste buds with these serious cinnamon flavored candies. Hot Tamales originated as a way to use rejected Mike and Ike candies and now are loved nationwide. With bright red shiny...

  • Vending Supplies

    JuJu Cinnamon Bears Bulk Candy (30 lbs)


    JuJu Cinnamon Bears Bulk Candy (30 lbs)6 x 5 lb bags of juju cinnamon bearsThese gummy bears are bigger than most gummy bears and are on fire with their cinnamon flavor. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party, or keep them for yourself! You...

  • Albanese

    Wild Cherry Gummy Bears Bulk Candy (20 lbs)


    Wild Cherry Gummy Bears (20 lbs)4/5lb pound bags of wild cherry gummy bearsPerfect candy for kids or adults. Filled with the flavor of wild cherries, these gummy bears are hard to resist. They are a good little addition to any candy mix or even ice cream...

  • Primrose

    Sugar Dusted Cinnamon Balls Candy (25 lbs)


    Sugar Dusted Cinnamon Balls Bulk Candy (34 lbs)25 lb Case of Ju Ju Mini FishOur Sugar Dusted Cinnamon Balls candies are sweet with just the right amount of cinnamon spice. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party,...

  • Vending Supplies

    Gummy Red Ripe Raspberries (20 lbs)


    Gummy Red Raspberries Prepackaged Candy (20 lbs)4 bags @ 5 lbs each Our Gummy Red Raspberries Candy are the perfect snack. Each gummy is bursting with fresh raspberry flavor and their bright red color is appealing to the eye. Serve them up at your...

  • Sconza

    French Burnt Peanuts Candy 20lb.


                           French Burnt Peanuts 20 lbs (4 bags / 5 lbs each) 20lb. Case of Small French Burnt Peanuts Bulk Candy. Roasted peanuts in a distinctive sweet crunchy red candy coating by...

What's Valentine's Day without the color red? Would Christmas be the same if it were all just green and white? Red truly makes a huge difference and we have collected the best red candies in this category. Go ahead and make your holiday tables brighter and your guests cheerier!

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