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Purple Candy

  • SweetWorks

    Purple Premium Gumballs (1-inch /850 ct)


    Purple Premium Gumballs A grape flavored opaque gum ballThis rich dark purple gumball makes a chic and exclusive decorating embellishment at any time or place. Its glossy wine shine makes this bubble gum stand out in any room. Try mixing these with any...

  • Oak Leaf Gumballs and Candy

    Purple Gumballs by the Pound


    Purple Premium Gumballs By The PoundSolid Purple Decorator GumballsThese premium bubble gum balls are the ones decorators look for. The shiny and rich purple color make them stand out in a candy buffet. They even hold up on their own in a simple candy...

  • SweetWorks

    Shimmer Pearl Lavender Gumballs


    Shimmer Pearl Lavender Vending Gumballs This shimmering pearly gumball makes a classy and elegant embellishment at any time or place. Try mixing these with any of our other solid colored gumballs to create different themes and color schemes. They're...

Purple has that understated versatility and elegance. Subtle colors are perfect for baby or bridal showers while the darker ones are great for evening galas. Find the purple candies that you need for whatever the occasion may be.

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