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Black Candy

  • Black Licorice Bites Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)


    Black Licorice Bites Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)12 / 12oz Bags per caseOur Black Licorice Bites are the perfect size for snacking. Each licorice piece has that classic licorice flavor and they are sure to be a hit wherever they're...

  • Gummy Raspberries Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)


    Gummy Raspberries Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)12 / 13 oz Bags per caseOur Gummy Raspberries by Haribo look like real berries and are bursting with flavor! Each gummy is coated in crunchy candies while the center is soft and chewy. Our prepackaged candy...

  • SweetWorks

    Black Sixlets Candy Coated Chocolate Balls


    Black Sixlets - Bulk Decorator Candy Coated Chocolate Balls Delicious small chocolate candy covered balls Sixlets are the candy coated chocolate flavored candies back from when we were kids, and now they are available in a great black decorator color...

  • SweetWorks

    Black Premium Gumballs (1-inch /600 ct)


    Black Premium Gourmet Gumballs A fruit flavored opaque gum ball This premium black gumball makes a classy and elegant embellishment to your decorating needs. Its glossy Black Beauty shine makes this bubble gum stand out in any room. The coating is jet...

Customize your table with black colored candy for your special occasions or corporate parties or events. These black candies are elegant served from crystal bowls and goblets. They will also take center stage in gothic theme parties.

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