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  • Vending Supplies

    Filled Raspberries Bulk Candy (30 lbs)


    Filled Raspberries Bulk Candy (30 lbs)30 pounds of filled raspberriesRaspberry filled hard candies. Individually wrapped for convenience. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party, or keep them for yourself! You can find other candy in bulk here...

  • Sunrise

    Strawberry Bon Bons Bulk Candy (31 lbs)


    Strawberry Bon Bons Bulk Candy (31 lbs)31 pounds of strawberry bon bonsStrawberry hard candies that have a strawberry filling. This classic treat is an old favorite. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party, or keep them for yourself! You can...

  • Gerrit Verburg

    Gustaf's Licorice Allsorts (26.4 lbs)


    Gustaf's Licorice Allsorts (26.4 lbs) 4 bags @ 6.6 lbs each Our Gustaf's Licorice Allsorts are sure to please any licorice lover. Our prepackaged candies make great gifts and on-the-go snacks. These candies come packaged in 4/ 6.6lb clear...

  • Spangler Candy

    Circus Peanuts Prepackaged Candy (20 lbs)


    Circus Peanuts Prepackaged Candy (20 LBS)Circus peanuts have been a favorite among children since the 1800's. With the soft marshmallow like texture and banana flavor, what's not to love? Give them out as gifts or eat them on-the-go...

  • Primrose

    Root Beer Barrels w/Red Wrapper Candy (30 lbs)


    Root Beer Barrels Prepackaged Candy (30 LBS) 6 x 5 lbs bagsOur Root Beer Barrels are a long-time favorite and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Serve them up at a summer BBQ, birthday parties, or any fun get-together. Our prepackaged candies are...

  • Vending Supplies

    Mini Red Gummy Swedish Fish (30 lbs)


    Mini Red Gummy Swedish Fish Prepackaged Candy (30 lbs)6 x 5 lb BagsOur Mini Red Gummy Fish are the perfect sized snack. Each mini fish is soft, chewy, and full of sweet berry flavor.  Brand: SwedishWeight: 32 lbsDimensions: 9.60 X 11.90 X 15...

We have grouped these candies by color so you can build the perfect theme for whatever your celebration may be. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that they would make your dessert or candy buffets and loot bags or party favors sweeter and brighter.

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