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49mm Bouncy Balls

  • 49mm Assorted Bouncy Balls (40 ct)


    49mm Assorted Bouncy Balls (40ct) Bulk Bouncy Balls for Vending Machines and more! 40 Assorted Bouncy Balls per Bag with the option to purchase a bulk case of 200 superballs! Be sure to see our full selection of bouncy balls with many designs to choose...

  • Ball Kit 45mm - 60mm Super Bouncy Balls (300 ct)


    Ball Kit 45mm - 60mm Hi-Bounce Balls (300 ct)300 - 45mm/60mm Super Bouncy Balls per bag A mixed bag of bouncy balls that come in different sizes between 45mm and 60mm, with different textures.Perfect for Super Bounce Crane.2 inch Balls will vend in...

  • Two-Color Marble 49mm Super Bouncy Balls (40 ct)


    Two-Color Marble 49mm Hi-Bounce Balls (40 ct)40 Two-Color Marble Super Bouncy Balls per bag These 49mm bouncy balls come in six different colors swirled with white. 40 balls per bag10 Bags per caseCollect all 6! 2 inch Balls will vend in machines...

  • MLB Self Vend Baseballs Bulk Vending Toys


    MLB Self Vending Baseballs Bulk Vending Toys36 Pieces per BagMajor League Baseball licensed mini baseballs 30 different teams in this collection PLUS 6 Limited Edition baseballs featuring the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers, NY Mets, NY Yankees,...

  • Assorted Mix 49mm Bouncy Balls


    Assorted Mix 49mm Vending Bouncy Balls - 40 ct. 40 Assorted Bouncy Balls per Bag It's twice the fun with the 2 in. size These are fun to vend in bigger machines 2 inch Balls will vend in machines with a 2 inch gumball or toy capsule wheel. Need a...

  • Hi-Bouncing 49mm Vending Bouncy Balls


    Hi-Bouncing 49mm Vending Bouncy Balls - 40 ct. 40 Assorted Bouncy Balls per Bag These will look enticing in a vending machine... if you can keep them in so they don't bounce too far away 2 inch Balls will vend in machines with a 2 inch gumball or toy...

49mm Bouncy Balls

49mm is the same as 1.92913 inches, or almost a full two inches of diameter, all the way around!!!!. 49mm bouncy balls are fist-sized for nearly everyone -  easy to hold, retrieve, grasp and toss. Bouncy balls of this size, are generally used in pediatric situations because they are believed to be relatively safer than smaller bouncy balls when it comes to the danger of choking.  

The 49mm bouncy balls dispense well from 2" toy capsule vending machines. 

Large size bouncy balls are still called high-bounce or hi-bounce balls, since the greater bouncy material offsets the increased size, so the overall bounciness (elasticity) of the 49mm bouncy balls remains just about the same. They bounce about as high, often and repeatedly as their smaller cousins.  If misused, however the larger size would cause a more painful impact

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