Empty Vending Capsules for Sale! Like a blank slate, empty vending capsules give you the opportunity to be creative. Fill them with items of your choice, according to your vending needs or party applications. If you want the convenience of pre-filled capsules, check out our 2" Toy Filled Vending Capsules or 1" Toy Filled Vending Capsules.

The empty capsules are available in 1 inch or 2 inch acorn style or 1 inch round. Our capsules are designed for vending machines they are multi-purpose and can be used for prizes or even bath bombs!
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Empty Round 1.1" Capsules
(3 reviews)
Price: $9.99
Bag of 100 Empty Round Clear Capsules
1.1 inc...
1-inch Empty Acorn Vending Capsules
(3 reviews)
Price: $15.00
Bag of 250 Empty Capsules
1 inch
2-inch Empty Acorn Vending Capsules
(6 reviews)
Price: $25.00
Bag of 250 Empty Capsules
2 inch
2.3" Empty Round Capsules
Price: $75.00
Bag of 250 Empty Round Capsules
2.3 inch