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Bill-to-Bill Change Machines

  • BX1040RL Rear Load Bill-Breaker


    BC1040RL Rear Load Bill-Breaker Four Dispensers/Rear Load This economical rear load bill-breaker is ideal for small-to-mid size vending and amusement locations. It will accept cash bills and change them into smaller bills. This model features Mars Bill...

  • American Changer and Triad

    AC7914 Floor Model Ultimate Bill Breaker


    AC7914 Floor Model Ultimate Bill Breaker - Change Dispenser The largest of all of our changers, this floor model is ideal for huge and busy vending and amusement locations. It has a 6,000 bill capacity in three hoppers of 2,000 bills each, and is...

Bill-to-Bill Change Machines for sale at! We have a full selection of bill-to-bill change machines at wholesale prices. Bill-to-bill change machines are meant to convert larger bills such as $10, $20, $50 or even $100 bills into smaller bills like $1 bills by American Changer and Standard Change-Makers. These are great when you have a customer base who do not want to break a larger bill for a bunch of coins or tokens. Customers can simply exchange their larger bills for the denomination needed for your vending machines, laundromat, car wash, token machines, change machines or many other establishments. We only offer bill-to-bill change machines from the best manufactures in the industry. We are an authorized distributor of every change machine we offer, which gives you a full warranty and technical support. Bill-to-bill change machines are great for laundromats, car washes, amusement, vending, theme parts and many other applications. 

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