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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Vending Resources and Guide

COVID-19 will have an economic impact on almost all small businesses. As we all try to navigate what the new "norm" will look like, it's important for vending operators to be prepared and have procedures in place that give customers and businesses confidence that the equipment is clean and safe to use. This guide will help vending operators put procedures in place:

  • Cleaning and maintaining your equipment - All responsible operators should already have procedures in place to ensure that their vending equipment is cleaned, maintained, and safe to use. All equipment should be cleaned and maintained according to CDC guidelines with disinfectants that are registered by the EPA. However, now it will be more important than ever to educate businesses and end-users that your equipment is safe to use and what you're doing to keep it that way.
  • Use decals and posters to inform end-users - Make sure all your equipment has decals or signage that shows the end-user what you're doing to maintain and clean your equipment. The AMOA has provided free posters and decals (see below) that you can have printed. We will also offer decals that you can put on your equipment.
  • Inform business owners - If you have vending equipment that is placed in businesses, meet with the owner and inform them of what you're doing to clean and maintain your equipment.  Change out products if necessary. 
  • Wear gloves and mask - Food items should never be handled without gloves and vending machines are no exception. Make sure when you service your machines that you wear gloves and a mask This will help keep your product safe and show businesses and end-users you are taking extra precautions to ensure the equipment and product is clean and safe to use.
  • Storage of product - Store your product in airtight containers and storage bins. This provides sanitary conditions for your candy items while in storage and in transit. Storage bins also help keep your candy and gumballs fresh and this will cut waste in the long run. 

Decals and Posters:

CDC Guidelines Decal - 5x5

Safety Poster - 5x7

Safety Poster w/ Logo Insert - 5x7

Safety Poster - 8.5 x 11

Safety Poster w/ Logo Insert - 8.5 x 11

Safety Poster w/ Logo Insert - 24x36


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