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  • Standard Change-Makers

    Standard MC840-RHS Dual Bill Recycler Change Machine


    MC840-RHS Bill Recycling Change Dispenser4 Hoppers/2 Bill Recyclers/Front Load The MC840-RHS is our high security, heavy-duty front load cabinet made with heavy gauge steel, a high security bezel, and two crank locks.  Each recycler will hold 25-30...

  • Vending Supplies

    BX1040 Front Load Bill-Breaker


    BC1040 Front Load Bill-Breaker Four Dispensers/Front Load This economical front load bill-breaker is ideal for small-to-mid size vending and amusement locations. It will accept cash bills and change them into smaller bills. This model features Mars Bill...

  • American Changer and Triad

    AC7914 Floor Model Ultimate Bill Breaker


    AC7914 Floor Model Ultimate Bill Breaker - Change Dispenser The largest of all of our changers, this floor model is ideal for huge and busy vending and amusement locations. Includes: Validator Accepts: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 Stacker Capacity:...

  • Vending Supplies

    BX1040RL Rear Load Bill-Breaker


    BC1040RL Rear Load Bill-Breaker Four Dispensers/Rear Load This economical rear load bill-breaker is ideal for small-to-mid size vending and amusement locations. It will accept cash bills and change them into smaller bills. This model features Mars Bill...

A great selection of front-loading and rear-loading change dispensers by American Changer and Standard Change that break bills into smaller denominations, or make change for $1, $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills. We also have a selection of token dispensing machines, ticket dispensing machines, with options like credit card readers and more. Great for vending locations, family entertainment centers, amusement parks, arcades, pool halls, etc..

What is is the difference between a Change Machine and Token Machine?

The most common configuration for a change machine is to dispense quarters, dollar coins, or .984" tokens and most of our machines can be configured either way. Here are some of the key differences between a quarter change machine and a toke change machine: If you're dispensing quarters or any form of cash you cannot add a credit card reader to the machine. Your machine will need to be configured in a way that it accepts cash and dispenses cash only. Also, if dispensing quarters you may need to consider larger capacity hoppers, especially if you're a laundromat or car wash where it may take up to 8 quarters for a single wash cycle. With tokens, you assign a monetary value to each token and most machines can be configured to only accept one token which greatly reduces the number of coins you'll need to hold in the hoppers. Another advantage to using tokens is that you can add a cashless payment system, like a Nayax Touch credit card reader when dispensing tokens. Internally, the two machines are essentially the same assuming the hopper is dispensing tokens or a .984 inch token and the decal on the outside of the machine is typically changed out based on the coins you're dispensing. Please reach out to us if you have a custom token size or need to customize your payouts.

What is the difference between a Change Machine and Bill Breaker?

Simply put, a change machine within the US market will generally accept bills and dispense quarters, dollar coins, or tokens. Bill breakers are made to break larger denomination bills into smaller bills. For example, you'd use a change machine to break a 5 dollar bill into quarters and a bill breaker to break a 20 dollar bill into 5 ones and 3 fives. There is a third option that is a bit of a hybrid approach and it allows you to get the best of both worlds by installing a bill recycler on a change machine. All of our Triad 400 series machines come with MEI bill recyclers and can be configured to do this out of the box. Adding a recycler greatly reduces the number of quarters you'll need to hold and give out and will allow you to give a combination of quarters and bills back when someone interests a higher denomination like a 20 dollar bill. MEI recyclers work by recycling or saving a certain denomination as it's inserted into the machine with 5's being the most common. Example configuration: Triad 400 Series that recycles 5's and gives a maximum of 5 dollars in quarters. With this setup, your customer would receive the following back in change for each bill inserted: 1 dollar bill (dispenses 4 quarters), 5 dollar bill (dispenses 20 quarters) and saves/recycles the 5, 10 dollar bill (dispenses 20 quarters and one 5 dollar bill), 20 dollar bill (dispenses 20 quarters and three 5 dollar bills). Each time a 5 inserted into the machine is recycled and saved in a separate stacker. Each recycler stacker holds up to 30 bills and can last quite a long time since they are replenished as they come in.

Do your Change Machines come with a Warranty?

We are the Authorized Distributors for the best change machines on the market and we're sure to have a machine that fits your needs. We offer top brands like American Changer, Standard Change-Makers, Rowe, and Triad. These machines are engineered and designed for high-volume laundromats and outdoor car washes where they are exposed to the elements. All of these machines are covered by a full factory warranty and are made right here in the USA. Each machine is made to order and built to your specifications. We cover 100% of the replacement cost should you need a replacement part that is covered under warranty for all machines purchased from us. 

Can I customize a Change Machine?

Yes, we can customize graphics, payouts, or hopper configurations based on the coins or currency you're needing to accept or dispense. Please call us @ 800-853-3941 to discuss custom change machine options.

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