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Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Holiday Star Shape Bulk Sprinkles (4.5 lbs)


    Holiday Star Shape Bulk Sprinkles (4.5  lbs)4.5  pound case of sprinklesOur Holiday Star Shape Sprinkles are the perfect touch to your holiday party treats. Decorate sugar cookies with them or sprinkle them over your...

  • Noel Mix Bulk Sprinkles (6 lbs)


    This is a Seasonal Item. Please contact Customer Service at 801-417-9834 for more information. Noel Mix Bulk Sprinkles (6 lbs)6 pound case of sprinklesOur Noel Mix Sprinkles are the perfect touch to your holiday party treats. Decorate...

  • Red & Green Tree Shape Bulk Sprinkles (5 lbs)


    This is a Seasonal Item. Please contact Customer Service at 801-417-9834 for more information.Red & Green Tree Shape Bulk Sprinkles (5 lbs)5 pound case of sprinklesOur Red & Green Tree Shape Sprinkles are the perfect touch to your...

  • Yellow Butter Mints Prepackaged Candy (6 lbs)


    Yellow Butter Mints Prepackaged Candy (6 lbs)12 / 9oz Bags per caseYellow Butter Mints are the perfect after dinner treat. Each mint is smooth and creamy with just enough mint to give your mouth a refreshing feel. Our prepackaged candies...

  • Goetze Caramel Creams Prepackaged Candy


    Goetze Caramel Creams Prepackaged Candy12 / 12oz Packages per caseOur Goetze Caramel Creams are a long-time favorite treat. Goetze Caramel's are chewy with a decadent sweet cream center. Each caramel is individually wrapped for convenience...

  • Red & White Starlite Prepackaged Mints (7 lbs)


    Red & White Starlite Prepackaged Mints (7 lbs)12 / 10oz Bags per caseOur Red & White Starlite Mints are a cool and refreshing treat. Serve them up at any large gathering for the perfect after dinner mint. Our prepackaged candy...

  • Gummy Bears Prepackaged Candy (11 lbs)


    Gummy Bears Prepackaged Candy (11 lbs)12 / 15 oz Bags per caseOur Gummy Bears have been a long-time favorite of all ages. This assorted mix of gummy bears comes with raspberry, orange, green apple, and pineapple flavors. Our prepackaged...

  • Gummy Raspberries Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)


    Gummy Raspberries Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)12 / 13 oz Bags per caseOur Gummy Raspberries by Haribo look like real berries and are bursting with flavor! Each gummy is coated in crunchy candies while the center is soft and chewy. Our prepackaged candy...

  • Nonpareil Chocolates Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)


    Nonpareil Chocolates Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)12 / 13 oz Bags per caseOur Nonpareil Chocolates are a decadent treat. Each piece of rich milk chocolate is topped with white sugar candies and melts in your mouth. These candies come packaged in 12...

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels Prepackaged (4.5 lbs)


    Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels Prepackaged (4.5 lbs)12 / 6 oz Bags per caseOur Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels are the perfect snack! Their semi sweet and salty flavor are a match made in heaven. Being prepackaged, chocolate covered pretzels...

  • Personalized Gumball Machines


    Personalized Carousel Gumball Machines Customize any of our Carousel Gumball Machines pictured above with any name or phrase. We're offering personalized etching on the following machines: Petite Carousel Gumball Machine - 9-inches, Junior Carousel...

  • World's Largest Gummy Bears Cherry - FREE SHIPPING


    World's Largest Gummy BearsFree Shipping is valid for continental US, HI and AK orders only, and cannot be applied to international orders. Free Shipping cannot be combined with any other coupon code/offer.  The World's Largest Gummy Bears are...

  • Sports Fan Football Gumball Machine Gift Set


    Sports Fan Football Gumball MachineThe perfect gumball vending machine for a Football fan! Beautifully detailed with a sports cap designed lid. Simply turn the football handle to dispense the candy! Includes 2 lbs of Gumballs!Measures 12" tall and made...

  • Medium Gumball Bank


    Medium Gumball Bank - Authentic Junior Carousel Gumball MachineOur 11.5"(29.21 cm) Gumball Bank has all of the features of our Large Gumball Bank, including the same adjustable dispensing mechanism and anti-spill cover. Classic Red Finish This bank...

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