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Crane Refill Redemption Prizes

  • Assorted Fun Mix (2-inch)


    2-inch Assorted Fun Toy Mix complete with candy, novelty items, games and other various toys in vending capsules. Includes popular licensed and trademarked toy characters from favorite TV shows and movies. Perfect item to mix in with our wrapped candy...

  • Sports Mix (2-inch)


    2" Sports Mix Filled Refill Acorn Vending Capsules - 250 ctMade for a $1 vend. Will dispense in machines with a 2" vending wheel.This premium mix offers a variety of sports theme items such as key rings, cups and football caps. They come in acorn style...

  • Crystal Canines Vending Capsules (2 inch)


    Crystal Canines 2-inch  (250 pcs) Keychain pieces in 2-inch capsules Each bag consists of 250 Crystal Canines pieces. There are six different dog breeds, each appearing in eight different colors for a total of 48 different possibilities...

  • Plain Rubber Ducks 6-inch Generic (12 pcs)


     Plain Rubber Ducks 6-inch Generic (12 pcs)2-inch rubber ducks NOT in capsules Each bag consists of 12 6-inch ducks in either  yellow, green, white, blue, indigo or violet and no logo. These are perfect for redemption or crane machines...

Fill your Crane or UFO Catcher game machines with an assortment of exciting prizes from our selection of plush toys, jewelry, key chains, and more. You can entice players with a unique mix of items for more redemption fun.

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