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Individually Wrapped Candy

  • Ferrara

    Now & Later Long Lasting Chews


    Now and Later Long Lasting Chews 60 oz. Jar; 6 Jars per Case Chew away with these classic taffy-like treats. You can have some NOW and we're sure you'll make room for some LATER, especially if you keep this convenient jar around. It contains about 385...

  • Tootsie Roll Industries

    Tootsie Child's Play


    Tootsie Child's Play Candy Mix 151 ct. Bag; 12 Bags per Case Did you know that Tootsie Child's Play is the world's #1 selling non-chocolate variety candy bag? It's because there's something for everyone in this mixed bag of wrapped candy, featuring...

  • Toy Crane Candy Mix - 16 oz. bag


    Toy Crane Candy Mix - 16 oz. bag (100 pieces approx.)This toy crane candy mix is an assortment of wrapped candy and twist wrapped bubble gum, perfect to fill or refill your Toy Candy Crane Claw Game Machine or pinata. Keep some around in your home or...

  • Oak Leaf Gumballs and Candy

    Spooky Eyes 1" Single Wrapped Gumballs (1-inch /850 ct)


    Spooky Eyes 1" Single Wrapped Gumballs Someone's watching you!These gumballs are designed to resemble real eyeballs but don't taste like them! The sweet fruity flavor will keep everyone wanting one more. They are pre-packaged which makes them great for...

  • Sconza

    Mega Bruiser Giant Jawbreakers


    Mega Bruiser Giant Jawbreakers. Colorful huge 3 & 3/8" - jawbreakers with psychedelic colored speckling. More than a mouthful! Each humongous jawbreaker weighs in at about 1 lb!Case of 6 Jawbreakers - YES - ONLY 6 pcs!

Individually Wrapped Candy - These candies are wrapped to make it easier for you to hand them out for Halloween and other parties and big events. Use them as fillers for pinatas, loot bags, or candy crane machines. These are also a good option if you don't go through a lot of candy since they will stay fresher since they are wrapped individually. Find crowd favorite brands and discover some new and exciting flavors.

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