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Pro 2 Toy Vending Machines

  • 7 Unit Toy Vending Rack Combo


    7 Unit Toy Vending Rack Combo 3 - 2" Toy Capsule Machines on top, 4 - 1" Bulk Vending Machines at the bottom Like a self-contained mid-size vending center, this 7-unit vending rack is competitively priced and ideal for bulk vending business operators...

  • 9 Unit Toy Vending Rack Combo


    9 Unit Toy Vending Rack Combo 4 - 2" Toy Capsule Machines on top, 5 - 1" Bulk Vending Machines at the bottom A self-contained vending center, this 9-unit vending rack is competitively priced and ideal for the serious bulk vending operator. Offering...

  • Mega Whirler Capsule Vending Machine


    Mega Whirler 2" Capsule Spiral Vending MachineThe spiral vending machine for 2" round capsules One of a kind Mega Whirler has been engineered so that not-so-perfect-spheres would roll down the track without a hitch. Now 2-inch round capsules and super...

  • Super 2 Combo Machine


    Super 2 Bouncy Ball Machine with 2 Barrel Machines Maximize your location with choices! Super 2 Bouncy Ball Machine vends 45 or 49mm size super balls, 2" standard capsules, jawbreakers or gumballs. Holds 590ct. 45mm super balls, 500ct. 49mm super balls,...

  • 10 Way Pro Vending Machine Combo


    10 Way Pro Vending Machines Provide your customers with 1-inch and 2-inch gumballs, bouncy balls, toy capsules, candy, stickers, and tattoos.  Our 10 Way Pro Vending Combo is your all-in-one solution to bulk vending needs. The 10 Way Pro includes...

Toy vending machines for sale! Find the absolute BEST deal on toy vending machines. has a huge selection of toy capsule vending machines. Most of 1-inch toy vending machines will vend acorn and round toy capsules. All of our 2-inch toy capsule machines will vend round, acorn, and bouncy balls. These Toy Vending Machines featuring the SuperPro 2" Capsule are proven workhorses in the industry. Apart from toy capsules, these will also dispense giant 2" Mega Gumballs and Jawbreakers or 45-49mm Super Balls. Countertop or stand models available.

Can I only vend acorn capsules with a toy machine?

Our two inch toy vending machines can vend toy capsules or balls that are 45mm-58mm (up to 2.3-inches). Most toy capsules come in what is commonly referred to as a 2-inch acorn capsule and all of our toy vendors will vend this type of capsule. However, we offer many different bouncy balls, self vend balls, and toys in round capsules that have a size range of 1.8" - 2.3" and we have many empty capsule options so you can put your own prizes inside!

Can I vend bouncy balls with a 2-inch toy machine?

Yes, all of our two inch toy vending machines will dispense 45mm or 49mm bouncy balls without any additional modifications.

Do 2-inch Toy Machines accept tokens?

Yes, all of our 2-inch toy vending machines have to option to accept a .984" token or we can customize to accept any token up to 1.25" by special request. By adding a token mechanism to your machine, you can setup a token rewards system for home, dentist, doctor office, or school to reward that special kid.

Can a toy machine be set to free vend?

Yes, all our toy vendors have an option to set it as a free vend. If you select the free vend (free spin) option we'll configure the mechanism so it does not require any quarters to dispense an item at our warehouse before shipping. Already have a machine and need to convert it? Give us a call and our vending experts will be happy to walk you through step-by-step on how to convert your mechanism to a free vend.

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