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Rear Load Change or Token Dispensers

  • Standard MC640RL-RHS Bill Recycler Changer


    MC640RL-RHS Bill Acceptor Change Machine4 Coin Hoppers/4 Bill Acceptor/Rear Load The MC640RL-RHS would be considered a replacement of our Model #SC34RL-DA in the System 600 Series from a capacity standpoint. With four standard coin hoppers totaling up to...

  • BCX1020Rl Rear Load Bill-Breaker Change Machine


    BCX1020RL Rear Load Bill-Breaker Change Machine Single Dispenser/Single Hopper/Rear Load This economical rear load bill-breaker is ideal for smaller vending and amusement locations. It will accept cash bills and change them into smaller bills as well as...

Rear loading changer machines are perfect for keeping internal access away from the public, for another level of security. We Carry a full line of rear load change machines by American Changer and Standard Change-Maker. Keep your vending front neat and clean by doing all the maintenance where no one can see. Dispense tickets or tokens, break bills into smaller denominations, or make change for $1, $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills. Credit card readers are an option on certain machines. These rear loading machines are well suited for unattended vending locations, entertainment and amusement centers, car washes and laundromats, etc..

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