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    Assorted Vending Capsules #2 (3 inch) 144 Ct


    Assorted 3-inch Vending Capsules 2 - 144 ctWill dispense in machines with a 3" vending wheel This assortment of toys in three-inch capsules is specifically manufactured for the Giant stacker, but there is no reason the assortment can't be used in another...

Bulk vending toys factory direct at the best prices online! is your online source for bulk vending refill vending supplies on sale. Our large selection of bulk vending toy filled capsules come in popular 1 and 2 inch sizes. Most of our 1 bulk vending toys come in 1.1 inch acorn capsules.  You'll find assorted toys that appeal to boys, girls, teenagers and adults too! All of our capsules include a FREE display card with every order!

We also supply empty round or acorn style vending capsules for you to fill with your own products, so you can customize your prize bank with bulk toys, stickers, temporary tattoos, and candy to name a few. New items arrive continuously to keep you supplied with the best and hottest selling items in bulk vending.

Be sure to see our complete line of toy bulk vending machines that dispense these fun and profitable toy capsules.

What different types of capsules do you sell?

We offer 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch toy capsules for vending and claw machines. We also offer a variety of different empty capsules. The most common type for vending machines are acorn capsules, which come in both 1-inch and 2-inch varieties. Any of our vending machines with a gumball wheel will dispense both round and 1-inch acorn capsules. All of our 2-inch Toy machines are made specifically to vend acorn or round capsules. However, we recommend removing the riser when vending acorn capsules out of a gumball wheel. 

Are toy capsules profitable?

Toy capsules can be very profitable but you need to price them correctly.  In order to maximize your profit, we recommend you vend 1-inch capsules at 50 cents and 2-inch capsules at 1 dollar (4 quarters).  Most of our toy capsules are packaged in quantities of 250 capsules per bag, with an average cost of 10 cents for 1-inch and 25 cents for 2-inch toy capsules. You can easily average a 60-75% profit margin on most of our toy capsules when priced correctly. Keep in mind that with toys you'll have zero waste because they do not have an expiration date. Gumballs may have an initial profit margin as high as 85% but you'll find your actual profit margin will be at or close to what many of our toys are at when you factor in waste. 

Should I vend toys or candy?

Vend both whenever possible! However, sometimes you'll find your locations may not want gum or candy and toys may be a better fit or vice versa. As with everything in vending, focus on ROI and not only raw cost. Yes, toy capsules cost more but when priced correctly, you'll have a similar margin as with candy and gumballs. All of our machines have adjustable pricing and portion controls to optimize your profit.  Focus more on optimizing your route to be profitable and you'll find the most success. Our vending experts have many years of experience helping new and established route operators building routes that the focus on optimizing each location. 

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