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Sticker Machines & Tattoo Machines

  • Eagle Sticker and Tattoo 4 Unit Bulk Vending Rack


    Eagle Sticker and Tattoo Bulk Vending Rack - 4 Unit A traditional style for bulk vendingThis rack includes three Eagle Bulk Vending Heads, one Eagle Sticker/Tattoo Vending Machine, and one 24 inch bulk vending rack.Features three of our The Eagle Bulk...

  • 4 Way Vending Machine Combo


    4 Way Combo Two Candy/Gumball machines and one 3-column Sticker/Tattoo machine with Step StandGive your customers a choice! Offer stickers or tattoos with the 3-column sticker/tattoo machine and offer 1-inch Gumballs/capsules or candy at the same...

Tattoo vending machines & sticker vending machines. Specialty flat vend machines are available in a variety of configurations so you can customize the look of your vending area to match the space. Choose from 2-column up to 4-column machines; in a single layer, stacked, or in a combo with candy and capsule toy vending machines. Each column holds approx. 300 flat vend stickers or tattoos.

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