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Kiosoft Pricing

Kiosoft is a leading provider of cutting-edge card reader technology, offering various solutions for gaming, retail, and other industries. Their range of card readers includes touch screen kiosks, standard game cards, game card/mobile app readers, credit card readers, and modems. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Kiosoft's card reader offerings and their pricing structure.

21.5" Touch Screen Kiosk

Kiosoft's new 21.5" touch screen kiosk boasts an intuitive interface that delivers an exceptional user experience. The pricing for these kiosks is as follows:

  • 1-2 units: $4,000 each
  • 3-5 units: $3,400 each
  • 6+ units: $2,500 each

Standard Game Cards

Kiosoft offers a range of game cards with varying rates based on the amount purchased. The pricing is as follows:

  • 2,000 cards: $0.35 per card, totaling $700.00
  • 5,000 cards: $0.30 per card, totaling $1,500.00
  • 10,000 cards: $0.28 per card, totaling $2,800.00
  • 15,000 cards: $0.25 per card, totaling $3,750.00
  • 20,000 cards: $0.23 per card, totaling $4,600.00
  • 30,000 cards: $0.21 per card, totaling $6,300.00
  • 40,000 cards: $0.20 per card, totaling $8,000.00
  • 50,000 cards: $0.19 per card, totaling $9,500.00

Game Card/Mobile App Readers

These versatile card readers can be purchased for $140.00 each, with some flexibility in pricing for large bulk orders.

Credit Card Readers

Kiosoft offers two types of credit card readers, the LX and VX models, with different pricing based on the quantity ordered:

LX (smaller touch screen):

  • 1-10 units: $265.00 each
  • 11-30 units: $245.00 each
  • 31+ units: special pricing available upon request

VX (larger touch screen, weatherproof):

  • 1-10 units: $340.00 each
  • 11-20 units: $334.00 each
  • 21-30 units: $328.00 each
  • 31+ units: special pricing available upon request


Kiosoft modems are priced at $270.00 each and can connect up to 16 readers within one room.

Processing Rate

The processing rate for Kiosoft card readers is Interchange (INT) plus $0.05.

Monthly Fees

Modems: $11.00 per month, per modem
Backend Reporting: $19.95 for 25 readers, with an additional $0.25 per reader after the initial 25 (applied across your entire route, not per location)
Merchant Account: $17.95 per month, covering up to 10,000 games


Kiosoft offers a comprehensive range of card readers and related products to suit various business needs. By understanding the pricing structure and specifications of their offerings, you can make an informed decision and select the best solutions for your business.