Red, White & Blue Mix Stars Candy for the 4th of July!

Red, White & Blue Mix Stars Candy – Click Here to Buy!

PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN is proud to offer these fun patriotic Red, White & Blue Mix Stars candy for your 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day or all around Americana festivities. These colorful candy stars will look great at any party on the candy bar or on top of cupcakes.  The upscale pressed candy is available by the pound or the case.

Need a vending machine for this candy? We have that too. Be sure to see our full line of candy vending machines.

Have you taken the Beanboozled Challenge?

Have you taken the Beanboozled Challenge?

Have you taken the Beanboozled Challenge?

What’s BeanBoozled? The only way to find out is to take the challenge…

Inside every box of BeanBoozled Jelly Beans are 10 different looks of beans. But beware, some of these beans are gross. For every good flavor, there is a nasty tasting counterpart that looks the same. “How nasty,” you say? Instead of licorice, you might get skunk spray nasty! And if you throw caution to the wind, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Order MLB Vending Supplies Today!

MLB Major League Baseball Self Vend Baseballs

MLB Major League Baseball Self Vend Baseballs – Click Here to Buy!

The Boys of Summer

It’s that time again! Time for little league games and yelling from the bleachers. Baseball is back in full swing. To celebrate this wonderful time of year, has some great baseball themed items for your vending machines, parties or treasure boxes. Baseball Logo Stickers and Self Vending Baseballs are great licensed items that will help increase sales and bring smiles to the faces of the future major leaguer.

Don’t forget your gumball machines. has some great home run white baseball gumballs that vend in a spiral gumball machine.

Buy a 4 Column Sticker/Tattoo Machine!

4 Column Sticker/Tattoo Machine

4 Column Sticker/Tattoo Machine – Click Here to Buy!


Hey Tattoo artist! We have a great way for you to make money on all those people who come in your shop just looking or bail out. Get a tattoo vending machine! has a great machine on special right now that is sure to bring in a little money on the side. Check out our 4 column sticker and tattoo machine. This machine offers 4 different choices of our flat vend stickers or tattoos for just 50 cents a vend and with all the great choices we have to offer it is sure to be a hit in your studio.

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Disney Princess Shimmer Stickers

Disney Princess Shimmer Stickers – Click Here to Buy!

Princess Party -

What a great way to celebrate your little girls birthday than with a princess party! has some great Disney Princess Stickers and Tattoos as well as some Giant Gems that are great for dress up. From our Swap A Gem rings for your piñata to our line of Shimmer Gumballs and Shimmer Sixlets for your candy bar, your party will be the talk of the neighborhood.

World’s Largest Gummy Worms at!

World's Larges Gummy Worm

World’s Larges Gummy Worm – Click Here to Buy!

Gummy Worm for Science!

Science class was not one of my favorites growing up but the science teacher always was. There is something special about a person who can cut into things, gross you out with it and then go to lunch. My kid’s science teacher isn’t much different and because of that sense of humor we’ve decided to get him a Giant Gummy Worm for his class party. We thought it would be pretty funny to offer this to the class for dissection.

We decided to order one from They have a great selection of different flavors. It arrived quickly and on the day of the party we presented it to the teacher. It was a hit! The teacher laughed and laughed and this time he didn’t want to do any dissection.  He wanted to keep it for himself and not share with the class! We will most definitely order from again.

Order your Minion Dress Up Vending Stickers Now!

Minion Dress Up Vending Stickers

Minion Dress Up Vending Stickers – Click Here to Buy! is pleased to offer the Minion Dress Up Stickers just in time for the summer movie session. The Minion Dress up stickers is modeled after the lovable minion characters from The Despicable Me movie franchise. These great little yellow blobs of fun come with different clothing and accessories to give each little minion their own personality. They are sure to be a hit and loads of fun for your little ones. Order a box to fill your flat vend sticker machine now and a 2nd box for refills. Don’t forget your display card to help increase your sales

SpongeBob SquarePants Tongue Tuggers Vending Capsules

SpongeBob Tongue Tuggers Vending Capsules

SpongeBob Tongue Tuggers Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy! is proud to offer the newest 2” toy. Sponge Bob Square Pants Tongue Tuggers. These cute happy faces have tongues that you can stretch and pull to the amazement and delight of everyone around. With 12 different expression between SpongeBob and best bud Patrick they are great to collect and trade and fun for kids of all ages.

They come in a 2” acorn shaped capsules and vend from one of our great Bulk Toy Vending Machines. Get yours today and watch the fun happen.