National Milk Chocolate Day: July 28

M&M's Plain Milk Chocolate Candy - 3.5 lb. Bag

M&M’s Plain Milk Chocolate Candy – 3.5 lb. Bag – Click Here to Buy!

One of our favorite holidays here at is about to be upon us. July 28 th is National Milk Chocolate day and yes we will be celebrating. We will be busting out a bag of M&M’s on each desk, plain or peanut and enjoying the day. What chocolate are you going to use to celebrate the day with? (As if we need a day to eat chocolate!)

Buy Shimmer White Candy Bells

Shimmer White Candy Bells by the Pound

Shimmer White Candy Bells by the Pound – Click Here to Buy!

Shimmer White Candy Bells

Are you planning a wedding, baptism or christening or know someone who is? A great trend happing now is candy bars. has some great candy specifically for your events.

These beautiful Shimmer White Candy Bells are a fine white shine glossy coat candy. The bell shaped pressed candies will look beautiful on any candy bar and will impress your guests. The look great in a candy dish or packed in a “to go” box as a party favor. And you can even use them as a cake decoration. has this new candy item available in a 1lb, 2lb or 5lb bag. Order today and they will get it shipped out in perfect time for your event.

Stock Up on DC Comics Erasers!

DC Comics Erasers Vending Capsules

DC Comics Erasers Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

DC Comics Super Hero Erasers

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAN! BATMAN! – I can’t stop singing that silly song! My son just got a really cool Batman eraser out of a vending machine. He wanted more quarters to go back and try to get them all. Along with the Batman eraser, there is also Superman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, and Robin. How fun for the kids to try and collect them all and start trading them with each other. He was so excited about them that I think I’m going to buy a whole bag and put them in a piñata for his birthday party! They come in a bag of 250 toy filled capsules from . Or better yet, I might just get him his own vending machine and see if he wants to start his own little business with these capsules!

Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs

Cry Baby Extra Sour Wrapped Gumballs - 240 ct. Jar

Cry Baby Extra Sour Wrapped Gumballs – 240 ct. Jar – Click Here to Buy!

You want an extra sour bubble gum? Dubble Bubble makes it!

CAUTION… You’ll only cry for 40 seconds. But stay with it…or you may be called a Cry Baby!!! Check it out. The nice gals at will hook you up. The 1 inch standard gumballs come individually wrapped in a 240 count tub. For only 23.99! That’s only 10 cents each. Wow what a deal…. Thanks, I have been looking for a tear jerker sour gum for a long time.

Buy Glamour Rings Vending Capsules Now!

Glamour Rings Vending Capsules

Glamour Rings Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

Glamour Rings Vending Capsules , my little girl can’t get enough of these. She saves up her quarters so whenever she is lucky enough to find them in a vending machine… she uses them up!

But thanks to I bought a whole bag of 250 and now I just reward her with a glamour ring. You can’t believe how helpful she has become!! I hope they never run out of stock!!

Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules

Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules

Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

The Popular Movie Kung Fu Panda has come out with a Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoo that you can vend in a 2” Capsule. The temporary tattoos come in action-packed poses of Po and his wildly funny friends. The Capsules comes pre-filled for you convenience and is designed to vend for 50 cents.

The acorn capsules come in a bag of 250 ct with 12 different poses; collect all 12 poses for temporary tattoo fun. For an added value and a more attention, purchase the vending display card with colorful images of the tattoos.

These tattoos are sure to bring many hours of fun and excitement to any child. The peace and tranquility Po brings to the movie theater will definitely translate on the arms of many children.

Contact and place your order today for the 2” Kung Fu Panda temporary tattoos and other Refill supply’s for your vending machines. 800-853-3941.

Order Shimmer Boy Mix Pacifiers Candy!

Shimmer Boy Mix Pacifiers Candy

Shimmer Boy Mix Pacifiers Candy – Click Here to Buy!

The Shimmer Boy Mix Pacifier Candy is a great idea to use in a candy bar for a baby shower. Of course, knowing that the baby is going to be a boy is helpful! You can either put them in a party gift bag or on a candy bar with all kinds of boy colored candy. The mix is blue, white and green colors with a glossy finish. They look great in a candy bar that is decorated around the baby shower cake, or even as decorations on the cake.

Buy Glow Rings Vending Capsules Today!

Glow Rings Vending Capsules

Glow Rings Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

Glow Rings for a very special occassion-

My husband is very sentimental. For our first year anniversary of dating he wanted to return to site of our first date – our favorite pizza place. He can also be very spontaneous. After we ordered the usual fare, he wandered off to the fun zone vending machine area of the family restaurant. Upon his return, he dropped to one knee, opened the vending capsule , took out a Glow Ring and asked for my hand. Yes, the silly fellow proposed with a bright and beautiful toy ring. He even assembled it with the little glow stick that it comes with! I said yes and now I have all four Glow Ring colors – Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue.