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  • Fun Time Mix Series 3 Self Vending Toys (1 inch)


    1.1" Fun Time Mix Self Vending Toys Series 3 - 100 ctWill Dispense in machines with a 1" gumball vending wheelThe fun doesn't stop with these 1 inch vending toys. This mix includes an assortment of puzzle balls, spinning tops, camo balls, games and...

  • Untamed Tats Vending 1.1 Inch Capsules


    1.1" Untamed Tats Refill Acorn Vending Capsules - 250 ctShow your wild side in these series of untamed animal tattoos like deadly snakes and wild cats. Your unbridled personality will surely stand out. Collect all 12!Capsules are acorn shaped with clear...

  • Mini Smiley Balls Self Vending Toys (1-inch)


    1.1" Mini Smiley Balls Refill Self Vending Toys - 100 ct.These Mini Smiley hard plastic 32mm balls will bring a smile to every little girl and boy's face, and even adults too! These are self vending, so there is no need for capsules. Will dispense in...

  • Dice Vending Capsules (1-inch)


    1.1" Dice Vending Capsules - 100 ct.Will dispense in machines with a 1" vending wheel.These large dice come in an assortment of colors and are self vending, so there's no need for capsules.Display card (as pictured) for your vending machine may be...

  • Fortune Dice Self Vending Toys (1-inch)


    1.1" Fortune Dice  Self Vending Toys - 100 ctFortune Dice Game that you can play with friends. They hold the answers to your most important questions. They are plastic and come in eight different colors including: pink, green, white, light...

  • Vending Puzzle Balls (1-inch)


    1.25 in. (32mm) Puzzle BallsSelf Vending ToysPuzzle Balls are sure to keep kids entertained for hours. Each ball comes assembled and once a single piece is removed, the ball will come apart. They are great pinata fillers, birthday party favors, and...

  • Sports Ball Vending Balls (1-inch)


    Sports Balls 32mm Vending Toy Balls 1.25 in. (32mm) Assorted Mix of Toy Vending BallsBag of 100 assorted sports theme balls included soccer ball, 8 ball, baseball, basket ball and tennis ball

1 inch bulk vending toys for sale! One inch round vending capsules or acorn shaped vending machine capsules are pre-filled with toys and small prizes for your vending machines. All of our 1 inch bulk vending machines will vend both 1.1 inch acorn toy capsules and 1 inch round capsules. The pre-capsuled toys will dispense in vending machines having a 1" gumball or toy vending machine wheel and they are designed to vend for 25¢ or 50¢ vend.

These quality bulk vending toy products are for children 3 years or older and meet consumer product safety standards. Each toy is comes inside a vending machine capsule.  Toy vending display cards are available and most include a sample of live toys on a card you can place inside your vending machine to display products as an added attraction.

Be sure to see our selection of self vending products including 1 inch bouncy balls, and our complete line of 2-inch bulk vending refill supplies. And check items arrive every week!

These capsuled vending toys are great for party favors as well. If you prefer them to be without capsules, check our Bulk Toys section for other options like filling empty capsules with them to your preference and customization.

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