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Sqwishland Farm Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct

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Sqwishland Farm Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct


Sqwishland Farm Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct



Welcome to the Sqwishland Farm, the latest series in the beloved Sqwishland collection! These delightful pencil toppers feature soft and squishy farm animals, including Sheep, Bull, Rooster, Horse, and Goat characters. Each case includes approximately 250 farm squishies, and each capsule includes a code for the online Sqwishland game, providing even more fun for fans of the franchise.

Key Features:

  • Latest Farm Characters: Meet the latest Sqwishland characters: the Sheep, Bull, Rooster, Horse, and Goat. Perfect for fans and collectors alike.
  • Soft and Squishy Pencil Toppers: Designed for fun and creativity, these pencil toppers offer a tactile, engaging experience.
  • Online Sqwishland Game Code: Each capsule comes with a code to play the online Sqwishland game, offering additional entertainment value.
  • Safety Sealed Round Capsules: Every farm animal pencil topper is safely enclosed in a sealed round capsule, ready to vend.
  • Compatible with 1" Vending Wheel: Designed for machines with a 1-inch vending wheel, these toy-filled capsules are ready for your bulk vending machine.
  • Choking Hazard Warning: Please note, this toy mix is intended for bulk vending machines and not suitable for children under 3 years.

Step into the charming world of the Sqwishland Farm with the 1.1" Sqwishland Farm Toy Filled Round Vending Capsules. Offering a delightful mix of collectible characters and the engaging online Sqwishland game, these capsules are a guaranteed hit. Add them to your vending machine selection today!

Additional Details

  • Fantastic Quality

    Posted by Claire V on Jul 15, 2023

    My dad bought me a 2" Capsule Machine for Christmas maybe 2 years back since I'm into arcade-ish stuff, and I've struggled to fill it. Stumbled upon Was a little hesitant to buy off of here because I've never bought off this website before, but the reviews were good, so I decided to give it a go. Was NOT disappointed. Aprox. 245 capsules for the current sale of ~36$, at least after my own shipping, was a fantastic price for a minimum wage teenager. Even came with a slip to put inside the machine, like they have in the real ones at the grocery stores. I know this is only a little thing in my room, but I'm so happy. And they're CUTE, too.

    My only complaint is that not every capsule seems to have a code in it, but only a select few, making it a rarer find. That's not a bad thing, but I figured all of them would have a code. Oh, well.

    Immediately after posting this comment, I will be buying a different set of the 245 1" capsules. I love it. If you're on the fence, don't hesitate. You'll be just as pleased as I am if you buy them yourself.

  • Very popular!

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 26, 2022

    Decent margin at 25 cent vend and great product! Sold em all in 2 weeks!

  • Owner

    Posted by Teri Pope on Nov 14, 2018

    Great commutation, will use more often.

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