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Animal World Vending Capsules (2-inch)

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Animal World Vending Capsules (2-inch)


Animal World Vending Capsules (2-inch)


2" Animal World Vending Capsules - 250 ct
Made to vend for 50 - 75¢. Will dispense in machines with a 2" vending wheel.

This collection of animal figurines will appeal to both boys and girls of all ages. A few animals found in this mix include the hippo, giraffe, panda bear, elephant, and more. Collect them all! 

Capsules are acorn shaped with clear bottoms and assorted colored tops and each 2" capsule contains one toy. Every bag offers an assorted mix of 250 toy capsules which are pre-filled for your convenience making it quick and easy to load into your bulk vending machine. These toy filled capsules are ready to vend and will dispense in machines with a 2 inch capsule vending wheel.

The display card (as pictured above) is a blister pack with a sampling of the items found in the mix and is included FREE.
Display cards add value and attract more attention.

Looking for empty toy capsules? You can find 2" Empty Acorn Capsules here!

Choking Hazard Warning

This toy mix is intended for bulk vending machines. 
Not for children under 3 years.

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