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How to Attach Rhino Pro Gumball Machine to Bulk Vending Rack

How to Attach your Rhino Pro Gumball Machine to a Bulk Vending Rack

This is a quick video and guide that shows you how to attach your Rhino Pro Gumball Machine to a bulk vending rack. This video is specific to the Rhino Pro but the concept is the same for all our Gumball Machines. Please keep in mind that none of our Stands or Racks require nuts to mount the machine head. All of our brackets and mounting flanges are threaded and bolts always go down from inside the machine into the bracket or flange.

This help guide is for the following products:
Rhino Pro Gumball Machines
Rhino Racks and Stands

1) Unscrew the lock and remove the lid.
2) Lift and remove the machine globe and hopper assembly.
3) Lift and remove the body from the base of the machine.
4) Remove the cash drawer 
5) Place the bracket on the bottom of the mounting bracket and attach the base of the machine using the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock hole positions with the bolts supplied.