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Butter Toffee Coated Bulk Almonds

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Butter Toffee Coated Bulk Almonds


Butter Toffee Coated Bulk Almonds (20 LBS)

Our Butter Toffee Coated Almonds in bulk are the perfect snack! Coated in a sweet and buttery shell, these almonds are great on their own or mix them with other nuts. These bulk nuts come packaged in a bag inside a bulk case.

Brand: Wricley Nut
Weight: 20 lbs
Dimensions: 7.8in X 11.3in X 12.5in
Gluten Free: NO
Kosher: NO
Organic: NO 
Packaging: Bag inside a box 

These typically leave warehouse within 24-48 hours

Bulk almonds are a healthy alternative for your vending machines. See our full line of Candy Machines with adjustable vending wheels that will vend almonds here.

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