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Carousel Gumball Machine Instructions

Carousel Gumball Machine Instructions

How to fill Carousel Gumball Machine

CONGRATULATIONS! You are the proud owner of an antique style, quality gumball machine that is designed to give you hours of fun and pleasure. Your Carousel gumball machine has been manufactured with the best materials under stringent quality control requirements to assure you a life time of service. Your gumball machine has been preset at the factory to operate by inserting a coin in the coin slot. It is designed to accept pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, as well as many foreign coins.

TO FILL MACHINE WITH GUMBALLS OR OTHER HARD CANDIES: Unscrew part A (screw lock) and remove part B (cap). Carefully pour gumballs into glass globe.

TO REMOVE GLASS: Remove parts A, B, C and D. Carefully remove glass globe. To replace, reverse procedures. CAUTION: do not over tighten nut C and screw lock A. Doing so may result in damage to your glass globe.

TO ADJUST AMOUNT DISPENSED: Remove parts A, B, C, D, glass globe and brush off plate. Reset adjustable wheel for desired opening, reassemble. Be sure brush off plate covers product dispensing chute in main body. (Note some models may have 3 meal screws holding the adjustable wheel in position. If present, theses screws must first be loosened to adjust wheel. Tighten after adjustment.

CLEANING: To clean the glass globe, use warm water with mild detergent. Only the front portion of the coin plate should be cleaned by wiping with a dry cloth. Avoid removing the internal lubricants on the back of the mechanism. Replacement glass globes are available for your Carousel gumball machine.

TO REMOVE COIN MECHANISM: In order to remove the coin mechanism, first remove parts A, B, C, D, E, glass globe, gasket and brush off plate. Grasp coin mechanism and lift up from its position.

TO ATTACH THE CHUTE DOOR: Remove parts A, B, C, D, E, F, glass globe, gasket and brush off plate. Slide the coin mechanism up about an inch and then you will be able to insert the chute door underneath, inserting the plastic tabs on the chute door into the appropriate slots on the machine. Replace all parts and secure with lock.

CONVERT TO “FREE SPIN”: With the gumball machine disassembled, (1) place the coin mechanism on a flat surface with the handle and coin slot facing down. (2) Remove the screw, black flat retaining spring, and brass coin “dog arm” (H) from the rear of the mechanism. Save these parts for subsequent use if desired. Reassemble machine by reversing above noted procedures.

Problem: Mech turns freely… Forward

What to Check: Examine springs (S). If tension is not on restricting dog arm (H), then tighten.


Problem: Operates without coin

What to Check: Same as above


Problem: Turns backward freely

What to Check:

  1. Remove nine point gear wheel (1)
  2. Remove turn handle (J)
  3. Lay mech flat on work table
  4. Carefully remove machine screws (K)
  5. Slowly lift retaining plate (L) and note position on “brass half-moon dog” (M) and position of “black safety pin (N)”

NOTE: Safety pin springs (N) pushes against “brass half-moon dog (M), which in turn locks against coin wheel preventing coin wheel from turning backwards. Reposition spring (N) and brass half-moon dog (M) to correct. Request parts if needed.


Problem: Machine does not fit stand.

What to Check: Your machine is designed to fit any standard gumball machine stand. If your machine does not fit properly on the machine stand, lift body away from base plate exposing stand adjustment screw. Place base plate on stand and tighten screw until secure. Reassemble machine.