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Change Machine

  • MCM100-TOK Standard Token Machine


    MCM100-TOK Token-Dispenser1 Hopper/1 Coin Acceptors/Front Top Load The MCM100  "MINI" is a machine that can be used in the arcade or billairds area of a bar or nightclub. The single steel coin hopper will hold up to 1,600 quarter-equivalent volume...

  • MC100 Bill Acceptor Change Machine


    MC100 Bill Acceptor Change MachineSingle Hopper/Front Load This bill acceptor/dispenser is perfect if you have a laundry mat, petting zoo, car wash, a break room with a vending machine and amusement for kids. All Modular series machines have our Fast...

  • MC300RL Standard Change Machine


    MC300RL Bill Acceptor Change Machine1 Hopper/1 Bill Acceptor/Rear Load The MC300RL is a machine that is ideal for use in small commercial coin laundries and car washes for use in self-serve bays or for vacuums and vendors. One steel coin hopper holds up...

  • MC700 Bill Acceptor Change Machine


    MC700 Bill Acceptor-DispenserSingle Hopper/Front Load The MC700 is our high security, heavy-duty front load cabinet made with heavy gauge steel and two T-handle locks. It is a great machine that can be used in commercial coin laundries, arcades, zoos,...

  • MC200 Bill Acceptor Change Machine


    MC200 Bill Acceptor-DispenserDouble Hopper/Front Load The MC200 is a versatile machine that can be used in vending break rooms providing change for snack, soda and coffee machines, or it can be mounted on the wall of a small on-premise laundry room in an...

  • American Changer and Triad

    AC205 Rear Load Change Machine


    AC205 Deluxe Dual Hopper Bill Changer - Change Dispenser This rear load model is ideal for small vending and amusement locations. It has a 3200 Quarter capacity in two hoppers, and is designed for use where $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills. Gives change...

  • American Changer and Triad

    AC502 Pre-Valued Card Dispenser


    AC502 Pre-Valued Card Dispenser - Dual Bins This Pre-Valued Card Dispenser is ideal for small vending and amusement locations. It vends 30mm cards.  It has a 260-card capacity in two bins, and is designed for use where $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar...

  • American Changer and Triad

    AC2002 High Security Dual Bill Changer - Change Dispenser


    AC2002 High Security Dual Bill Changer - Change Dispenser  FRONT LOAD This is the dual validator version of the High Security Bill Changer, recommended for the car wash and laundry industries where higher coin capacity and better security is...

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