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Crane Vending Machines

  • Toy Taxi Crane Machine


    Toy Taxi Crane Vending Machine The Toy Taxi Crane Machine is great for keeping kids and adults entertained while waiting at restaurants and movie theaters. This machine captures the attention of people easily with the colorful graphics and sounds...

  • Hot Stuff Crane Machine


    Hot Stuff Crane and Claw Stuffed Animal Vending Machine Capture the attention of kids and adults easily with the Hot Stuff Crane Vending Machine. Where ever it is set up, people enjoy trying to win a prize and the "hot" look of this machine will keep...

  • Ducky Catcher Crane Machine


    Ducky Catcher Crane Vending Machine Our Ducky Catcher Crane Machine comes with a candy scoop claw and modern backlit topper that is sure to capture the attention of your customers. The fun sounds and bright lights will keep kids coming...

  • Frog Catcher Crane Machine


    Frog Catcher Crane Vending Machine Our Frog Catcher Crane Machine comes with a candy scoop claw and modern backlit topper that is sure to capture the attention of your customers. The fun sounds and bright lights will keep kids coming back...

  • Zoo Catcher Crane Machine


    Zoo Catcher Crane Vending Machine Our Zoo Catcher Crane Machine comes with a candy scoop claw and modern backlit topper that is sure to capture the attention of your customers. The play until you win feature allows everyone to leave a winner. This...

  • Ticket Tank Crane Machine


    Ticket Tank 24" Crane Vending Machine The Ticket Tank crane machine is a great way to keep people entertained whether it is at a restaurant, Movie Theater, or any place with lots of foot traffic. The bright lights will draw them in and the fun...

  • Sweet Stuff Crane Machine


    Sweet Stuff Crane Vending Machine The bright lights, colors, and sounds from the Sweet Stuff Crane Vending Machine will capture the attention of kids and adults easily. People will enjoy trying to win a prize and the fun look of this...

  • OK

    Splat Ball Pinball Toy and Gumball Machine


    Splat Ball Pinball Toy and Gumball Machine Interactive Pinball Game Vending Machine Is it a gumball machine? Is it a toy vendor? Or is it a pinball game? It's all of the above! Deposit your quarter(s) to play, then the 1" gumball, jawbreaker, or super...

Grab More Profits with our reliable Claw Vending Machines and Crane Machines that hold Plush, Toys, Capsules and Candy. We sell only top-quality claw machines that have endured the test of time. All of the crane and claw machines allow you to set the claw strength to help predict your profit as an operator. Each machine can be configured to grab small, medium, or even large plush toys. Ask us about our custom graphic and color options to make your machine stand out! We have a number of different custom claw options that can grab plush toys, DVD's, candy, prize capsules and more. Call us today and ask about our customization options.plush-crane-refill.jpg

What is a Claw Machine and how does it work?

A claw vending machine may also be referred to as a crane machine, not to be confused with Crane Merchandising Systems, is a redemption prize machine where the claw is controlled using a joystick. The user inserts a credit in the form of cash, credit card, tokens, or game card to allow for the gameplay. The joystick allows the claw to be moved in four directions (left, right, front, back) to move the gantry/claw to the desired position or directly over a prize. Once the claw is in place, the user simply pushes the down button and the claw will go down and attempt to grab the prize below. If successful, the claw will move back to the prize drop area and release the prize into the prize box. Each machine is equipped with drop sensors so it knows once a prize has been dropped. Please note: the win ratio of the machine is typically set by the owner/operator of the machine. Most claw machines that leave our factory are set to about a 1-8 ratio, meaning that it is likely that someone will win a prize 1 item out of every 8 gameplays based on the claw strength. However, this is just a factory setting and it's up to the operator to set their desired win ratio and test accordingly.

What is the difference between skill play and win-every-time?

The difference between skill play and win-every-time can be set in the game settings and changed by the owner/operator of the machines. All of our claw machines can be set to either gameplay mode within the settings of the game and changed at any time. The biggest difference from an operator's perspective is the value of the prizes and whether or not they can be set to a win-every-time and still be profitable. Generally, a win-every-time machine will have cheaper items or candy and skill play machines will have premium plush as the prizes. The most common setting for standard plush prizes is skill play with a preset win ratio. However, there are certain Please note: All of our claw machines have drop sensors that interact with the gameplay settings so it's known once a prize has been won.

Where can I purchase Claw Machine prizes?

We have a full line of prizes and plush here at that are designed for claw machines - Make sure you purchase the appropriate size of plush for the claw installed on the machine. Here are some examples of claw sizes: Super Mini Crane has a 3-inch claw and it works best with small backpack plush or 2-inch toy capsules, Toy Taxi Claw Machine has a medium claw installed and it does great with 5 to 8-inch plush toys, and the Fun Zone would have the jumbo claw and works great with 10 to 12-inch plush toys. Please Note: All of our Claw Machines include a free first fill so each machine comes with a mix the best fits the claw size installed.

Can I set a Claw Machine to Free Play for Home Use?

Yes! All of our claw machines can be set to free play or tokens if you're configuring for a rewards system. The free play options vary by model but it will either be a setting that is changed in the gameplay settings or we can install a free play button on the machine. Free play buttons are great for home use and game room. If you're setting the claw machine up as a rewards system for your kids, a token is a great way to go because the game play can be controlled.

Are the Claw machines you sell used or new?

At, we are your factory-direct source for all our claw machines, and every machine shipped is brand new. Every machine we ship passes mandatory QC testing and come with a full factory warranty. Please see individual product pages or call with item-specific warranty information. If buying used, make sure you understand the history of the machine and whether or not parts are still manufactured. 


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