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Setting Claw Strength

Setting your claw strength "Strong, Low, and Bonus" for you Crane and Claw Arcade Machine

This guide is meant for our professional Crane and Claw Stuffed Animal Arcade Vending Machines.

Need to know how to set the claw strength for you new claw machine? Are claw machines rigged to never give a prize? Trying to figure out how often your customers will win a prize? When you do the initial setup for you claw and crane vending machines, you'll want to make sure you calculate about how often a plush stuffed animal or prize will be won. Whether you have one of these machines in home game room, large vending route, or even in your pizza shop or arcade that you own, calculating the frequency a prize will be won is the first step in becoming a successful vending route operator or the Grandma with the best game room ever! 

Here are a few terms to help you figure out how best to setup your new claw machine:

STRONG: When the claw first picks up the prize in the down position. This is the strength of the claw in the down position.
LOW: When the claw reaches the UP position and carries the prize to the prize drop point. This is the strength of the claw in the up position.
BONUS: This option can be set to any number desired from 0 to 99. it is recommended that the voltage for this setting is all the way up. for example, if you set this number at 20, it means 1 out of every 20 places you will more than likely give a prize away.

  1. Adjust the black switch above the wire harness on the back of the coin mechanism to the up position and reboot the machine. This will put your claw machine into setup mode.
  2. The display will show a flashing "00"
  3. STRONG: Pres the drop button and the display will show "01" - Adjust the 1st black knob marked VRL on the voltage panel until you reach your desired voltage. Look inside your control door towards the left upper corner behind your voltage meter and you will see a small white panel with 3 black knobs on it (located right above the prize sensor). This is your strong voltage.
  4. LOW: Press the drop button again and the display will show "02" and then adjust the middle black knob on the panel to your desired voltage. This is your low voltage. 
  5. BONUS: Press the drop button a 3rd time and the display will show "03" and then adjust the 3rd knob on the panel to your desired voltage. This is your bonus voltage.
  6. When all 3 voltages are set to your desired settings, turn the machine power off and put the black switch in the back of the coin mechanism back in the down position. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP. If the switch is left up, your machine will not function as it should. you will not be able to play or accept money.
Setting your Bonus:
With the inside power switch off, hold in the yellow free play button and turn the power back on. Keep your finger on the free play button until your display shows a "00." When you release the free play button the current setting will display. The default factory setting will always be at 10. This means that one out of every 10 plays will more than likely win a prize. This number can be changed by moving the joystick up or down to raise or lower the number. The bonus setting can be set anywhere between 0-99. When you are at your desired number, power off your claw and crane machine and back on again. You will then be set at your new bonus setting number.