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How to Fill Carousel Gumball Machine with Gumballs

How to Fill Carousel Gumball Machine with Gumballs

This guide will show how to fill your Carousel Gumball Machine with Gumballs. Need to know how many gumballs you need to fill your machine? Make sure you purchase the correct amount of gumballs for the machine you have.  This guide will show you the capacity for each machine and step-by-step instructions on how to fill your new machine. Filling your machine with gumballs should take about 2 minutes.

Products mentioned in this guide:
Carousel Gumball Machines - Petite, Junior, and King
ALL Gumballs that will work with these machines
1 lb Bag of Sugar-Free Gumballs
1 lb Bag of Assorted Carousel Gumballs
36 Oz Jar of Assorted Carousel Gumballs
53 oz Bag of Dubble Bubble Refill Gumballs

Important: Make sure you purchase .62 inch gumballs or smaller. This machine will not dispense 1-inch gumballs. Also, this machine can vend .62 inch gumballs or small candy, like Peanut M&M's.

Approximate capacity for each machine:
The Petite Carousel Machine will hold about 13 oz of 1/2 inch gumballs.
The Junior Carousel Gumball Machine will hold about 2 lbs of 1/2 inch gumballs.
The King Carousel will hold about 4 lbs of 1/2 gumballs.

  1. Determine the capacity of your machine and purchase the appropriate amount of gumballs.
  2. Remove the top lock and lid using a coin.
  3. Cut the corner of the bag of gumballs like a spout to make it easy to pour your gumballs into the machine and fill it to the desired capacity.
  4. Place the lid back on the machine.
  5. Tighten the top lock using a coin (do not overtighten)

How to Fill Petite Video:

How to Fill Junior Video:
How to Fill King Carousel: