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How Gumballs Are Made

How Gumballs Are Made

Ever wonder how gumballs are made? Wonder how they make them hollow inside or even candy filled hollow gumballs? Marc Summers, of the Food Network takes a tour of the Dubble Bubble gumball factory to discover exactly how gumballs are made.  Although Dubble Bubble won't spill all of their trade secrets, we still love seeing inside the factory and all the amazing work that goes into making our gumballs.

 Not all gumballs are created equal! Here at, we only offer the best gumballs from top manufactures. We purchase directly from the manufactures and receive fresh stock weekly. Here are a few inside tips about our top three manufactures of gumballs:

Dubble Bubble Gumballs: Everyone knows they name Dubble Bubble. Dubble Bubble Gumballs are one of the oldest, most trusted gumballs. Dubble Bubble, also known as Concord Confections (Tootsie Roll), makes some of our best-selling gumballs. They offer a variety of flavors and colors for anyone's taste! Dubble Bubble Gumballs typically have a logo printed on the gumball, this is for the most part unique to Dubble Bubble. The finish of these gumballs is typically glossy and very symmetrical. The gum base used results in a nice firm chew, which allows for the perfect bubbles every time! 

Bubble King (Oak Leaf): We carry the full line of Bubble King  (Oak Leaf) Gumballs. Oak Leaf really makes a great gumball. They also make a full line of Sweetworks Decorator Gumballs with a premium finish and many colors that can only be found with Sweetworks Oak Leaf Gumballs. The Sweetworks line also consists of the Shimmer Gumballs and the Shimmer Sixlets. Oak Leaf Gumballs also have a nice firm chew. This firmness allows for a nice round gumball with a high gloss finish and for the most part are solid color without printing or logos. Bubble King Oak Leaf Gumballs are really beautiful to look at! 

Ford Carousel Gumballs: Ford Carousel Gumballs are a favorite of many because they have a very soft chew. They use a different gum base than Dubble Bubble and Oak Leaf, resulting in a very soft chew. Although many may only recognize the Ford Carousel 1/2 inch gumballs made for their Carousel Gumball Machines, we also carry their full line of 1 inch gumballs as well. Ford Carousel 1 inch gumballs may not always have the perfect round shape or high gloss finish, but they are delicious to chew and the gum base used results in an excellent shelf life.