PUBLISHED: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How to Attach Single Rhino Pro Gumball Machine to Stand

How-to Guide on how to attach a Single Rhino Pro Gumball Machine to the Rhino Monster Stand. This is a quick and easy process that should take 5-10 minutes. 

This help guide is for the following products:
Rhino Pro Gumball Machines
Rhino Racks and Stands

1) Unpack your Rhino Monster Stand and make sure you have the following parts (bolts, base, pole, and flange) and assemble the stand. For a mounting a single head, you'll need at least 2 bolts and no more than 4 (8 bolts are included because this is a universal packaging for many different configurations)
2) Unlock and remove the lid and lift the globe and hopper off the machine.
3) Lift the body off the base of the machine.
4) Remove the cash drawer from the base of the machine.
5) Align the flange underneath the base of the machine and secure the bolts from inside the machine directly into the flange. The flange is threaded and no nuts are required for this setup or any of our Rhino Gumball Machines
6) Thread the base of the machine with attached flange to the top of the pole.
7) Assemble the Gumball Machine by adding the body, globe and  hopper assembly, and lid with lock.