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How to adjust your vending machine candy wheel

  • Triple Time Gumball and Candy Vending Machine


    Triple Time Gumball and Candy Vending Machine with Removable Canisters This 3 compartment bulk vending machine is one of the best values in candy and gumball vending. It features top-quality drop thru metal coin mechanisms and a durable all-metal body...


  1. Insert key, press down and turn counter clock wise to undo the lock. Then remove the lock and lid.

  2. Undo the two long hold down rods (screws). If applicable to your machine, these are located on top of globe with a metal ring. If you have a square head globe, you will need to remove the 4 screws located inside of globe at each of the 4 corners. Once undone remove the globe from the (D) hopper and set aside.

  3. Remove the (A) brush plate (plastic piece with 8 vertical springs), and set aside. Do not remove the two screws that hold the 8 springs in place. (The square head has 2 outer hold down screws that hold down the (A) brush plate. These screws will need to be undone and removed to adjust the settings)

  4. The next piece you will notice is the (B&C) adjustable wheel assembly- removes this piece and place it in front of you.

  5. Remove the 3 screws located on of the adjustable wheel assembly used to secure the (B) metal wing and set screws aside.

  6. Quantities are adjusted by lifting and removing the (B) wing out of (C) candy wheel and using one of eight settings that is visible inside the (C) candy wheel.

  7. Replace the 3 screws after you have the setting desired. Then place the (B&C) adjustable wheel assembly back inside the (D) hopper. Double check to ensure that 1 of the 3 triangle openings are centered right over the (D) hopper opening.

  8. Replace the (A) brush plate on top of the adjustable wheel assembly; the (A) brush plate is marked with an arrow that says “front” making sure that the 8 springs Cover the 1 triangle opening.

  9. Next replace the globe assembly and metal ring. Secure both pieces to (D) hopper and globe with the 2 hold down rods (screws). If you have a square head globe, you will need to secure the 4 screws located inside of globe at each of the 4 corners. Do not over tighten.

Pour in the candy of choice; replace the lid and put lock in place. Use the key by pressing down and turning clock wise to secure lid. Do not over tighten

*Because various candies come in many shapes and sizes, the dispensing wheel has been set at the factory settings to accommodate the most popular candies. To ensure a fair vend for the customers and yourself, you may need to experiment with different settings to the various types of candy you use.

 Each time you remove the globe for cleaning and servicing, it is important to look underneath the hopper to make sure the 1 triangle is centered to the hopper opening. This will insure proper vending

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