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How to Make Junior Carousel Gumball Machine Free Spin

How to Make Junior Carousel Gumball Machine Free Spin

Learn how to make your Junior Carousel Gumball Machine a free spin (a machine that doesn't require coins) in just a few minutes! Keep in mind this guide is not for commercial grade gumball machines. This guide is meant for carousel gumball machines only.  What is a free spin mechanism? A free spin mechanism allows you to turn the mechanism without inserting a coin. This will make it a free vend and dispense candy or gumballs without a coin. This should take about 5 minutes to complete. 

This guide is for the following products:
Carousel Gumball Machines

  1. Remove the screw lock and cap.
  2. Remove nut and spider retaining ring with top gasket.
  3. Remove the glass globe.
  4. Remove the bottom gasket
  5. Remove the brush plate and adjustable wheel.
  6. Hold the base down firmly and lift up on the mechanism to remove the mechanism
  7. Remove the screw holding the coin detector in place.
  8. Reassemble your machine and it's now a free spin gumball machine!