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    9 Unit Toy & Candy Vending Machine Combo


    9 Unit Toy Vending Rack Combo4 - 2" Toy Capsule Machines on top,5 - 1" Bulk Vending Machines at the bottom A self-contained vending center, this 9-unit vending rack is competitively priced and ideal for the serious bulk vending operator. The top row...

Rhino Candy and Gumball Machines for Sale! is an authorized distributor of Rhino Vending Machines. We're proud to offer the full line of the new ALL METAL Rhino Vending Machines. This line includes the Rhino Triple Shop (our best-seller), Rhino Classic Bulk Vending Machine, Rhino Pro (formerly the Supreme) with Cashbox Drawer, Rhino Heavy Cast Iron Stands, and Racks. All Rhino racks and stands are universal, allowing for any combination of Rhino Vending machines on our racks. We also carry parts and locks for on Rhino machines. All of our Rhino vending machines are in stock in our warehouse ready for immediate shipment. Rhino Vending Machines are backed up by an industry-leading full factory warranty.

How many gumballs fit in a Rhino Gumball Machine?

There are two main models of Rhino Gumball Machines and they both have slightly different capacities. The largest of the two is the Rhino Pro (square globe machine) and it has a capacity of approximately 450 1-inch gumballs and you can choose to have either a gumball wheel or candy wheel preinstalled. The average cost of gumballs is about 4 cents per gumball and if you were to completely fill a Rhino Pro and sell through all the gumballs you'd have approximately $112.50 in revenue with a profit of $94.50.The Rhino Classic on the other hand has a classic barrel shaped globe and has a capacity of about 360 1-inch gumballs, which would give you $90 in revenue if you sold through all the gumballs and a profit of $75.60. Please note: Calculations for both the Rhino Pro and Rhino Classic Gumball Machines above are based on approximate capacity, standard double bubble gumballs, and pricing each gumball at 25 cents.

How do I get the money out of the Gumball Machine?

Retrieving the money from your Rhino Gumball Machine is quick and easy and may be slightly different if you have a cash drawer on your machine. If you have a cash drawer, which comes standard with the Rhino Pro, you'll just simply need to unlock the bottom lock by turning 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and then pull the coin drawer completely out and empty it. If you have a Rhino Classic Gumball Machine or a machine without a cash drawer you'll just need to unlock the top lock by turning counter-clockwise about 6-8 times or until the lid can be removed, lift the globe and hopper assembly of the center rod which will give you access to the base of the machine where the coins are stored.

What is the warranty on a Rhino Gumball Machine

Since we MFG Rhino Vending Machines, we stand behind our machines 100% and each machine comes with a full warranty. Should you have any issue with your new Rhino Vending Machine just reach out to your sales representative and we'll troubleshoot the issue and find a solution. Rhino coin mechanisms come with a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects when purchased directly from us or an Authorized Distributor.

What items can I vend with a Rhino Gumball Machine?

The Rhino Pro and Rhino Classic can vend just about anything. With the Rhino Adjustable Gumball Wheel you can vend the following: 1-inch Gumballs, 27mm and 32mm bouncy balls, Round Toy Capsules, 1-inch Acorn Capsules (remove the riser), and just about any perfectly round time that is 1-inch in diameter. The Rhino Adjustable Candy Wheel candy vend the following: Small loose candy like Skittles, M&M's, Mike and Ikes, Jelly Beans, Nuts, Animal Feed, Small Dog and Cat Snacks, or just about any small loose snacks that are similar in size, shape, and texture of the candy items mentioned above.

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